Nov 07 2016

The Borio Effect: Clinton’s Campaign Crashes #electionfinalthoughts

borio_headshotI don’t know if you’ve been following the US Presidential election but one of our Labour Councillors has been playing an active role in Florida as part of Hillary Clinton’s campaign… though his “help” may not have been as entirely helpful as he intended. Unless, of course, he’s actually working for Donald Trump.

Cllr Michael Borio (pictured right), one of Labour’s Queensbury Ward councillors (alongside beleaguered Leader Sachin Shah and Portfolio Holder Kiran Ramchandani) flew out to Florida on the 18th October.

According to Nate Silver’s www.fivethirtyeight.com’s election polling website, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign immediately felt the impact of “The Borio Effect”: with Trump’s chances of winning increasing by 3.3 percentage points. Exactly two weeks after Cllr. Borio started actively campaigning for Hillary on the 19th October, Nate Silver’s 538 was reporting Trump as likely to win Florida’s 29 crucial Electoral College votes (2nd November).

Before Borio left the UK, Clinton had a 77.1% chance of winning. By the eve of the elections, she had dropped 25 percentage points, about a third.The chart below shows “The Borio Effect” on Clinton’s ratings, which started to plummet as soon as Borio had announced he was on the way…


Has “The Borio Effect” doomed Hillary Clinton’s bid for the White House? They’ve certainly made her path to the Oval Office harder… and so I’m sure that Cllr. Borio will be hoping that a very late poll, released (7th November) on the eve of Election Day (Tuesday 8th November), is right in predicting that Hillary will win Florida… and that she’s weathered “The Borio Effect”.

Thanks to Anon for the contribution. 

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  1. F.D.Billson

    I wish they would stay there and give Harrow a rest , in fact it would be better for Harrow if all the Labour councillors went with them but they would be seen through as soon as they arrive there as the complete charlatans that they all are.

  2. F.D.Billson

    I thought councillors were paid generously and elected by their constituents to work for them not to go on trips abroad to fight the elections of other countries. Once again an absolute liberty and a disgrace committed by this god-forsaken Labour council.

  3. Concerned Harrovian

    it is no wonder Hillary Clinton lost if she has been taking advice from labour councillors on Horror (Harrow) council.

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