May 22 2013

The Council Speech Cllr Perry Didn’t Make…

harrow_council_logo2At Tuesday night’s Mayor Making event, which I was fortunate enough to get invited to (full disclosure: my invite was provided by the Conservative group), Cllr David Perry, Leader of the Labour Group, stood to make the following speech. However, he was heckled and interrupted and finally told by the Mayor, Cllr Nisam Ismail, to sit down and put a sock in it.

The speech is worthy of publication, and it appears below in unedited form, as provided by the Labour Group:

It is with huge sadness that I rise in order to make the following non-political statement, not to full Council, but to the people of Harrow.

I speak on behalf of the Labour Group when I say that with regret, we will not be participating in tonight’s annual Council meeting.

The Labour Group in previous years have celebrated the election of Mayors from all political parties, but on this occasion we will not be contributing to any debate this evening, nor will we be voting for any of the candidates and we have decided not to put forward any nominations ourselves.

This decision has not been taken lightly, and it is out of respect for the people of Harrow that we have taken this stance.

As a Group we have grave concerns over the conduct of some of the Councillors on this Council over the past few weeks.

The way in which the Labour Group, and some of our most loyal, trusted and respected members have been treated, is utterly disgraceful.

We take our responsibilities in representing the people of Harrow very seriously and so, I repeat, we do not take this decision not to participate in the meeting without deep thought.

We hope you understand our actions, because as a Group we have all personally been subjected to false, unfounded, poisonous and negative accusations made against our individual and collective integrities.

These accusations have been made by the recently formed ‘Independent’ Group on Harrow Council, of which both, the sitting Mayor and proposed Mayor are senior members.

This is something we cannot ignore, and nor will we.

We are a very principled Group, and therefore it is for these reasons we do not wish to take part in tonight’s proceedings.

I personally apologise to all the members of the public in attendance that you have had to witness this statement.

In politics, debate, discussion, argument and difference of opinion often occur in the pursuit of worthy causes, but when the conduct of some Councillors, who are elected to serve the people, do not uphold the highest standards, we in the Labour Group feel it is our duty to take this necessary action in order for the people of Harrow to know the truth.

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