Jul 14 2014

The Emperor’s New Clothes: Harrow Council’s Pothole Campaign

pothole-150x150March 2013: Harrow Council find additional £200,000 to fix potholes, and has completed “…nearly a third of the 714 identified so far.”

April 2014: Council announced “…at least £500,000 of additional funding for pothole and road repairs in the borough…”

Today (July 2014): “This year’s pothole campaign has been bolstered by a grant of £230,000 from the Department for Transport, and represents more than half of the £450,000 annual budget for pothole road repairs… Around 9,000 potholes are being targeted…”

Something wrong here? The council is funnelling money into fixing potholes, yet has seen the number of potholes increase from 714 just 16 months ago to around 9,000 today. Possibly doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see something’s not quite right with that.

Still, it makes for a snappy press release (which the Council still refuse to send to us directly) and gets a Councillor away from meeting his or her residents. In fact, that probably explains why there’s so many bloody potholes: too many untrained councillors attempting to bodge ’em: ” Cllr Parmar got hands-on with the repairs…” says the PR churned out of the Civic Centre.

Of course, it’s all a PR spin. It’s entirely possible that they are double counting, so the £500,000 announced in April probably already contains the £230,000 announced today, but I guess that’s PR for you. New council, new robes?


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  1. Concerned Harrovian

    I expect the next bit of spin will be that there is no need to fill in potholes. This is because they are part of the council’s traffic calming measures in that they slow the traffic down.


    watch them mending the holes dump and fix last about 6 mths.
    look down yr road same potholes returning some holes onlY 2″ DEEP yet the council do get 3 million pds out of cams and parking how about finding a new material instead of ashfelt

  3. Mike N

    Could we not use the Tarmac from speed humps…….sorry traffic calming measures ! That have sprung up around the borough and dump that in the numerous potholes. It would save money and car drivers suspension repair costs.

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