Nov 22 2014

The Great Lockwood Pay Mystery

Michael Lockwood_ 150px x 208pxAt Cabinet this week, again, Dave was asked how much his new hired help, ex-Chief Exec Michael Lockwood, would be given to come back to the Council. Again, Dave declined to answer. Which means he quote possibly couldn’t remember, hadn’t decided, didn’t know, or was just being belligerent. Or perhaps a mixture of them all.

The Labour Group’s manifesto says that they would:

Cap the salary of the highest paid staff member to 12 times the lowest paid, ensuring fairness in what we pay our staff.

But how easy is it to figure out the figure of the lowest paid staff member? Not very, as it happens. In fact, we couldn’t find any figure on the Council’s website.

Also at Cabinet, questions were asked if Lockwood would come back on the lower pay point for his band. Again Dave declined to answer. The Council’s Pay Policy Statement says, quite clearly that:

All employees, including Chief Officers are normally appointed on the lowest pay column point for their job evaluated grade.

[pullquote align=”right” textalign=”right” width=”30%”]…he’s back as Dave’s bitch.[/pullquote]The Conservative group, which were firing these questions at Dave were represented on the Chief Officers Employment Panel, which, funnily enough, has the delegated authority to determine Lockwood’s pay, as the policy says:

The Council’s delegations to the Chief Officer Employment Panel also include determination of any remuneration package of £100,000 or greater.

So it seems very much like Dave has let his power go to his head, and is making up the rules as he goes along. After all, if the rules had been followed, Cllr Hall would know what Lockwood had been offered, and thus, wouldn’t have asked at both Council and Cabinet.

Of course, Lockwood might not care too much over what he’s being paid. An anonymous tip-off tells us that he’s been to a number of Local Authorities over recent months, possibly for Chief Exec interviews, perhaps, and so may be, realising his days are numbered, he’s happy to come back as Dave’s bitch regardless of the salary.

The only question remaining is whether he’ll hand back his separation payment and pension agreements. If not, Harrow’s residents really are being screwed into the ground.



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  1. j p hobbs

    However much I am sure Harrows hidden Stealth cameras will cover it .

  2. MysticMeg

    I read in the Harrow Times that Mr Lockwood has taken a £22,000 pay cut just for so he can help us to run a more efficient Borough. The fact that he was paid the handsome sum of £168,000 to leave a year ago has not helped him arrive at his decision to accept a lower salary I am sure!

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