Jul 17 2015

The Rivers of Piss Run Through Harrow

harrow_council_logoWe heard an interesting story this week, from a resident in South Harrow.

The resident had noticed that a camper van had parked on a side road, just off of Northolt Road. Nothing much wrong with that, of course, except in this case, the van appears to be used for living in. The nearside wheels are chocked up to level the van out, the occupier has been seen late at night watching a laptop or table, and, more worryingly, the van is discharging dirty water into the street. In fact, the resident is fairly certain that it’s urine, judging, he says, by the smell. The waste water, in fact, has left a greyish stain on the roadway. Add into this that the van appears to have a diesel heater, and blankets hung at the windows to conceal the internal activities, would quite reasonably point to it being someone’s long term overnight accommodation.

So, the resident – who happens to be one of the council’s Community Champions – reported it through the Champions website. And got no response at all. So he email one of the three Labour ward councillors, only to be told – a month later – that the council had visited one day, found nobody there, and having determined the van was taxed, MOT’d and insured, had no problem with it. Now wait just a moment – surely the discharged waste is an issue? Apparently not. Both the council officer, and the ward councillor had visited during the day when, obviously, the occupant was out working. So no answer when they banged on the window, no dripping sewage, no laptop or tablet light from the inside and no diesel fumes from the heater.

Amazingly, the councillor couldn’t see anything wrong with this. His only response was that residents might want to get up a petition about it. Now, that strikes us as a lazy way of doing things. Imaging if you’d called the police out about someone growing cannabis plants, and the response was that someone should walk around collecting signatures before they’d do anything? Imagine a call to 999 when you’ve got chest pains?”Sorry love – you’ve only got twenty-three signatures – we won’t turn out for anything less than 150 these days!”

But then, the more you think about it, the more this ludicrous, don’t-give-a-damn attitude of Harrow’s half-witted and lazy Labour council makes sense: that’s one less person (or maybe, heaven forbid, a family) that they may have to house in short-term accommodation.  Now, admittedly, Dave and his reinstated bedfellow Lockwood have been away up in Blackpool for a few days at either an “LGA conference” or a damn good jolly, depending on your point of view – and yes, we do wonder how much residents’ money that little soiree cost – and so may be recovering from too many lager and limes, but you’d have thought that someone, just some one single person, might have thought this was worth looking into.

The complete absence of any reply to the Community Champion – and these are the people the council is leaning on more and more, with their crack-pot ideas of snow clearing, litter picking, and river cleaning – just beggars belief. The scheme started off so successfully, with people actually wanting to give something back to their communities, and an incubation of community pride. Now it’s no more than a laminated ID card, a bunch of leaflets, and a waste of time.

You might accuse the Labour administration of taking the piss, but they clearly can’t even be bothered to do that anymore.

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  1. Susan Hall

    This is all so depressing. When we Conservatives were in control albeit in minority administration in late 2013/14 we cleaned up the borough, locked parks and cared for our parks and open spaces. We had ‘blitz’ teams out on fly tips and dirty roads. Now look at Harrow its filthy and getting worse. Labour are much happier to spend taxpayers money on a few high salaries and consultants, very expensive consultants and have removed far too much money from environmental services, the Officers in those services are stretched to the limit. I have heard from other fantastic Neighbourhood Champions that they are also being ignored. As for the story above – what a disgrace! Can you imagine if it gets around that Harrow is the place to come, park up and live on the streets we wont just have trouble with ‘beds in sheds’ which we were desperately trying to deal with when we were in control we will have beds in vans – where on earth will it end. Labour’s choices on where to spend our Council Tax are a joke – but none of us are laughing.

  2. Concerned Harrovian

    Just read in the Harrow Times about cockroaches living in South Harrow Subway food outlet. I expect the Council will suggest the cockroaches take up residence in the camper van.as they are obviously looking for a home.

    Sue, I look forward to you getting Environmental Services back on track in this fly-tipped, rubbish strewn borough.

    As for the damn good jolly it is called spending other people’s money!

  3. Harish Karia

    I hope the people of Harrow, specially who vote Labour , at the last local election ,realise their mistake and see what the Labour party stands for. Spend , spend , spend. They have already put up council rates , they want to charge you £75 to collect your garden waste.

  4. Susan Hall

    Thank you Concerned Harriovian, I wish I could get that department back because I would,with my colleagues, make sure that enough funding went in to clean our streets and as for the brown bin nonsense I would stop that immediately before this Labour administration take it too far to be reversed. Those who voted Labour in the local elections a year ago can now see what they have done – its such a shambles

  5. red mirror

    i would like to highlight another open cesspit flowing effluent into harrow its located opposite the central mosque and is called the civic centre also some pretty big roaches infesting also

    1. john hobbs

      Never mind the Corbyn/Blair duo will put that right , can you imagine Labour gone forever ?

  6. F.D.Billson

    This is yet more proof as to how devoid of ideas and abilities that this Labour shower are. It was utter stupidity for the electorate to vote them in. We are now seeing the results of this daft action . Life is always uncomfortable when Labour are given responsibility. Perhaps a sensible decision will be made next time round.

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