Jun 07 2013

The Whitchurch Field Enquiry – Let the Games Begin! Or not.

whitchurch_fields_22With the public enquiry set to start on the whole Whitchurch Fields issue on Monday, we hear today that the Council has started a delaying tactic: apparently it can’t get it’s own barrister there until a day later. No matter than other, very expensive people are being brought in, put up in hotels, and paid to give evidence: because the council can’t manage to get someone there, the whole thing goes on hold.

Hopefully, it’ll start – properly – on the Tuesday, but suppose, just suppose, for a moment, that this were a brilliant tactic: stall long enough so that you force the other party to simply cave in. Who needs justice, when you can play cheque-book court?

We’ll be bringing you a blow-by-blow account of what happens each day from the enquiry – when it starts.


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