Dec 24 2013

The Woman in Purple – Hall on Tour II

susan_hall_itv_news_150x150Continuing her tour of London’s radio, newspaper and TV companies, Council Leader Susan Hall popped up again in her trademarked purple jacket on ITV News to talk again about the Romanian and Bulgarian expected influx.

Looking, to be honest, a little exhausted – or maybe it was the harsh studio lighting – she repeated the message that there are “three areas we’re concerned about: housing, education and health”

You can watch the clip here.

And no, Susan, the camera doesn’t add ten pounds, despite what the Daily Mail reckon.

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  1. Concerned Harrovian

    Purple is the livery colour for Harrow council’s vehicles. Perhaps this is why she wears purple to promote Harrow Council. A sheriff’s badge worn on the lapel would enhance the jacket.

  2. sonoo malkani

    Projecting “BRAND HARROW “is laudable.Perhaps loyal citizens might even wish to proudly wear an “I am an Harrovian “PURPLE badge and help raise funds for our borough and its deserving citizens,for worthy causes of our choice.

    It’s really quite irresponsible for a senior politician such as Vince Cable to compare David Cameron with Enoch Powell and make reference to his infamous “rivers of blood”speech.Can’t imagine what he was thinking when he spouted such non-sense,indirectly fanning the flames!Very disappointed by his lack of judgement.

    HE is the one “stirring it “and creating the panic which he is busy accusing the Tories of.
    It is really not worthy of his status,even if he is keen to distance his party from the Tories.He needs to be more measured and careful about the effect these words have on members of public who are already feeling extremely anxious in a borough like ours.

    On top of it ,he comes across as a rather disloyal Coalition partner–albeit for the benefit of the Lib Dems.With such ideas he should seriously consider stepping down,free to pursue his own ideas and campaigns.

    Harrow already has the third largest Romanian population .No idea how many Bulgarians will come to Harrow.We cannot behave like ostriches and bury our heads in the sand.Instead,it’s best that we take charge of the situation ,get some additional funding and resources lined up to cope with the immigration of the kind which is anticipated..Our borough is already heaving under the strain of many services which are already severely stressed or underfunded.


    We love our borough DEARLY and will not stand by and allow the word HARROVIAN to become synonymous with “harrowing experience”.No way!!

    Wake up Harrow and lobby your MPs.Write to the Prime Minister NOW.RAISE YOUR VOICES IN UNISON.Start a petition or a campaign via our local papers.No point waiting to reach breaking point and then trying to fix it!

    Speaking in plain English,let us make adequate arrangements so that we can cope with the influx of people who are legitimately wishing to settle in Harrow without upsetting the delicate balance of our community cohesion.Our aim should be to help them INTEGRATE but NOT at the COST of any Harrovian.We are not racists but are realists and wish to make all our citizens feel welcome so that they may have the equal opportunity to participate and engage in the best interests of our borough.


    God bless.

  3. j p hobbs

    Maybe Enoch will be proven to be right , perhaps the rivers of blood are still to come , sadly I believe this may happen if we don’t act now , we already have rival gangs killing each other like never before in this country , we are now importing foreign Wars , Tony Bliar will be rubbing his hands , saying more money maybe I can become a peace envoy for the UK , sorry the place that used to be UK .

  4. sonoo malkani

    With all due respect,the comment about “rivers of blood,”will ,by the Grace of God, prove to be a gross exagerration and completely wrong.The common-sense and goodwill of Harrovians will surely triumph in the final analysis.Utterances of this sort must be replaced by fresh,positive ones which will help us build our society and keep our peoples close.PLEASE let us rise above such disturbing comments.

    We are being constantly bombarded by negative images —a world torn by War or reeling under Natural disaster.Like it or not,our thoughts,feelings,and actions are all impacted by the world we live in.Even so,we must never lose sight of the fact that we have the POWER TO CHOOSE and behave like responsible,balanced,rational beings.We must learn to live in hope,not fear.The latter makes us insecure and irrational.bringing out the worst in us when we possess the ability to deliver our best.

    We must learn lessons from our past but not HARP on it.We owe a duty to ourselves and to our world to avoid the pitfalls and shocking mistakes of the past and move forward concentrating on ensuring everything we do helps to create a better and safer tomorrow,

    The world is truly a global village.EVERY NATION IS INTER-DEPENDENT.There is no choice!Makes sense,therefore,that we commit to working out our differences and face challenges in a spirit of good-will and peace.Never mind what Tony Blair,Hitler or anybody else has done.We CANNOT change the awful past.It is exactly that –PAST.Let us try and free ourselves from that noose!

    I believe,it is NEVER TOO LATE to mend the fences —when the whole community signs up and commits to a fresh start and a clean slate.The UK like other countries round the world is changing fast and evolving all the time.Let us very patiently,bit by bit,work on making it a wonderful place again,one step at a time.Take heart.NEVER SAY DIE!!


  5. j p hobbs

    I wonder how the family of Lee Rigby feel , was that not a river of blood , sorry but I say it as I see it , time to face it not to hide it . seasons greetings whatever !!!!

  6. sonoo malkani

    ALL our hearts go out to Lee Rigby’s family.What happened there was barbarious and so heinous that none can comprehend it fully.

    Even so,as Gandhiji said —an eye for an eye will only make the world blind.


  7. m j watson

    I just hope that if/when all these Bulgarians and Romanians arrive in Harrow. They are not under any circumstances housed or given benefits. I know of people who have been on housing register for years waiting to get a place. Only to see the Somalis and Afghans being given priority. The fact is if these people can afford to come here in the first place, they can afford to support themselves. I wish I could afford to travel to the other side of Europe.
    As for Enoch’s “rivers of blood” speech. It has already happening. What do you think the bombings on the underground and buses were. Or the murder of Lee Rigby. or Sharia Law being enforced in parts of the country. I would say open your eyes before it’s too late. But sadly it is too late. Enoch has been proven right.

  8. j p hobbs

    Elementry dear Watson !!!! well said . but you can be sure they will be housed whilst our kids have to wait very many years at the back of the queue living with parents .

  9. j p hobbs

    There is a funny side to it , our Politicians are so stupid!!!! …. have they never heard of what goes round come round , they are already being replaced by people from other countries from top to bottom , you only have to look into our town halls , i just hope i live long enought to see the fait complie , then i can pass on with a chuckle . .

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