Dec 23 2013

The Woman in Purple – Hall on Tour

susan_hall_leaderIt’s looking to be a last-minute Christmas at the house of Cllr Susan Hall this year.

The Leader of Harrow Council, instead of making a batch of mince pies, stringing mistletoe in the hallway, and placing sprigs of holly thoughtfully around picture frames, Cllr Hall seems to have been buzzing around London this morning, spreading the word about the impending influx of Eastern Europeans from January.

First up, was Radio 4’s Today programme (scroll forward to 02:33:35 for the start of the segment), where there was a discussion centred around a report from centre-left think tank, the Institute of Public Policy Research. Sounding rather less croaky than in recent days, she said “We have really no idea how many people will come, which makes it very difficult to plan for the future.”

Next up, she’d moved to Radio 5 Live, with a similar message.

hall_on_tour_2Then, when I’d given up on the radio, and flicked over to watch the news on BBC, guess who popped up in a flash of purple at 9.45? Rumours are also indicating that there might be an appearance on ITN as well as some point this evening – watch this space.

hall_on_tour_1Finally, to round off the day, the Evening Standard also carries an interview with her where it wrote:

The Tory leader of Harrow, Susan Hall, urged David Cameron to help boroughs if the numbers overwhelm local public services.

“We are very concerned,” she said. “We have absolutely no idea how many might be coming. That makes it extremely difficult to plan.”

It looks like Christmas this year will be an array of M&S frozen meals picked up when the Blackberry-clutching Cllr Hall makes her weary way back to Hatch End tonight, having, no doubt, dropped a batch of purple jackets off at the dry-cleaners.

hall_on_tour_3Thanks to F for the tip-off.

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