Aug 30 2016

Tithe Farm (aka The Matrix) – Planning for 61 households approved

buildingsiteFirst it was going to be a 71-bed care home, then an 85-bed care home. And now, five years later, the old Tithe Farm public house (latterly know as ‘The Matrix’) seems destined to become 60+ development of one, two and three bedroom flats (‘units’ in CouncilSpeak).

With an expected population of 171 people (of which, admittedly, some will be too young or old to drive) how many parking spaces are being included in the design? Just 50. And of those 50, six will be reserved for Blue Badge holders, ten will be ‘active’ electric charge points, and ten will be ‘passive’ electric charge points. Which brings the number of spaces, for the average Mondeo-driving man-in-the-street to 24 spaces.

On a brighter note, residents will have space for 113 cycle parking spaces (presumably areas of the building that couldn’t be turned into a residential ‘unit’) allowing them to make use of Harrow’s fine cycleways along one of the busiest, and arguably, most dangerous roads in South Harrow. there’s no mention of secured parking for scooters or motorcycles.

Bizarrely, the travel plan for the development estimates that there will be just 13 cars leaving the development in the morning peak, and 21 people walking. What the other 130-odd people are going to do all day isn’t explained either.

But enough of the travel and parking woes that this will create in the local streets of all hours of the day and night when people try and find on-street parking in already crammed roads. Let’s take a look at what’s planned:

Flat #2, for example, a cosy one-bedroom apartment, will benefit from the views over the local Tesco petrol station; Flat #31, which sleeps four, has two single beds placed head-to-head in the plans, indicating, perhaps, no other feasible arrangement for them.

Residents on Rowe Walk will have up to FOUR STORIES of flats overlooking their gardens – lets hope none of the locals like sunbathing naked.

The local councillors (Cllrs Bob Currie, Josephine Dooley and Graham Henson) were also consulted. None bothered to respond. Out of 150 letters delivered to local residents, three – yes, three – responses in support of the application determined ‘support for new housing in the area from local residents.’ The three negative responses clearly didn’t indicate to the developers, any feeling against the development.

Want to read the whole planning application and see the drawings? If the Council’s Planning Portal is working, go search for application number P/0640/16 here.




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  1. F.D.Billson

    Yet another woeful development in the name of this God forsaken council. I see they are also vandalising Pinner with the Waxwell Lane development. What sort of a sticky end will the HarrowArts Centre end up with ? Probably just flats and houses at the end of the day. How will Pinner Park Farm end up. The list of development disasters is endless .

  2. Keith

    The Planning Portal worked!


    there appears to be 5 major sites building soon in Harrow
    soumds good for local residents
    recent site finish in 2018 2 bed flats £ 500.000 so dont bother to visit
    Before the sites are started surely the price of the flats should be announced and coucil agree or regent the plans
    Maybe the council could release the price of theses tithe farm flats before they are started

  4. red mirror

    this development is just another manifestation of agenda 21 plain and simple unimaginative boxes rammed to the gunnels soulless dormitories for the un techno future wonderland /hell.

  5. Peter Hamill

    Yet another pub turned into flats. Soon there will be nothing in Harrow but housing.. It has no social facilities worth mentioning – and minimal shopping facliities. It could be a real venue for visitors but offers nothing. A great shame!

    1. Keith

      No Arts Facilities worth talking about in Harrow.

      Rickmanswoth have one, Watersmeet so does Hillingdon Compass. Even Radlett has one!

      As for Arts well voluntary organizations do help!

      We are an Arts Desert!

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