Dec 24 2013

Trading Standards Help Harrow Have A Safer Christmas

harrow_council_logoHow can you tell if your Christmas lights are safe? What about your presents? How do you know that your phone charger won’t give you a shock this Christmas?

There’s only one way: test them. And in the run up to Christmas this year, Trading Standards Officers have been doing just that – going undercover in Harrow’s shops to keep residents safe.

Thanks to funding provided by the Electrical Safety Council, officers made a number of undercover purchases of a range of electrical goods. Expert testing by an independent electrical engineer then revealed some startling failures.

Among the worst products discovered: aftermarket phone chargers and laptop power supplies. Some suffered multiple failures at once. Others were functional, but electrically unsafe to use. In other cases, not only were the goods counterfeit – the plugs were counterfeit too.

Officers acted immediately to remove the most dangerous products from sale and alert businesses. In total, 587 electrical items were confiscated from traders across the borough – including Christmas lights, LED lights and table lamps. During the seizures they also found 210 items which infringed trademark legislation.

Brent & Harrow Trading Standards Officers will now fully investigate all cases, in order to locate and shut down the source of these unsafe goods. And they will work with retailers and importers to prevent more unsafe goods from reaching Harrow’s shops.

Cllr Susan Hall, Leader of Harrow Council, said: “These results prove how dangerous goods like chargers and lights can be, and we want consumers to be aware of the risks this Christmas. The sheer number of seizures in this operation highlights the good work of our Trading Standards team to ensure that Harrow’s shoppers are kept safe.”

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  1. sonoo malkani

    Good job Trading Standards officers have taken this up especially with the strikes by firemen in the pipe-line.One can only hope that those who are breaking the Law will be dealt with robustly and named and shamed prominently.The Electrical Safety Council deserves thanks for providing the funding for this important work which could save lives and property.

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