Nov 08 2014

U3A Petition to Save Harrow Arts Centre

harrow_arts_logoHarrow U3A is particularly concerned about the future of Harrow Arts Centre; as we use it constantly for our classes. We are also seriously worried that the only community centre in the Borough of Harrow, used by groups of many ethnicities, could be under threat of closure.

The U3A is totally self funded and provides the mental, social and physical stimulation recommended by doctors; greatly reducing the council’s costs. We could well rename the Arts Centre as the “Community Centre” as so many activities take place there; from adult studies to ballet and yoga from toddler groups to religious celebrations, and is the only entertainment venue for the borough.

This organisation presented a petition to the Council today protesting the closure of the Arts Centre. Their petition had 5,343 signatures, and you can find more info about them here: http://www.harrowu3a.co.uk/

Cllr. Susan Hall – herself, a Hatch End resident and ward councillor –  said: “The response to the proposal to close the Arts Centre has been extraordinary, with over 10,000 people signing petitions against it and I suspect many more completing the consultation. And their message to the Council’s Labour administration is loud and clear – ‘do not close our Arts Centre!’. It is a cornerstone of our cultural life in Harrow, used by scores of organisations like Harrow U3A, community groups as well as performers, artists and students. Nearly 200,000 people visited this wonderful facility last year; it must absolutely not be closed, and my sincere hope is that Labour listen to what Harrow residents are telling them.”


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  1. sonoo malkani

    It would be absolutely ludicrous to shut down such a valuable asset in our borough.It happens to be unique and is used by so many groups for all sorts of activities,plus has good transport links and car parking as well.I am not at all surprised so many have already signed petitions against this move which would rob the borough of something so precious..

    Why don’t the Council look for sponsors and advertise this facility in innovative ways so that it is hired out far more than at present and used for the best part of its opening time?It’s perfectly possible to do this if we simply get hold of various ethnic groups in addition to the normal channels and encourage them to plug it via their own community magazines/papers.

    EVERYBODY I know loves the Harrow Arts Centre and would find it totally unacceptable to have this taken out of circulation.Of course,raising its profile and bringing in more revenue is vital to its financial health.

    Let us hope the huge number of signatures makes the Council stop and re-think this one seriously.We simply cannot afford to lose it!

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