Nov 18 2013

Uma Kumaran is Labour’s choice to be MP for Harrow East

labour_roseHarrow campaigner Uma Kumaran has been selected as Labour’s candidate in the 2015 election to choose the next MP for Harrow East.

London-born Uma was raised in and still lives in Harrow. She has an excellent record of campaigning for a better Harrow, having worked with Harrow West MP Gareth Thomas to fight Tory Mayor Boris Johnson’s decision to close local police stations. Uma is also active in Labour’s 999SOS campaign to protect London’s emergency services from cuts which risk the safety of Londoners.

Uma said: “My parents fled to Britain over 30 years ago in the midst of civil war in Sri Lanka and they worked hard to rebuild their lives and raise a family in Harrow. Harrow is a great community that has given me and many others so much. That’s why I’m passionate about Harrow and angry that we’re being failed so badly by an out-of- touch Tory MP and his Tory government. They’ve given us a cost-of-living crisis, falling wages, the highest commuter fares in Europe, fewer police, A&E closures and this week the current MP for Harrow East voted for the Bedroom Tax which is unfairly hitting hundreds of disabled people and their carers in Harrow.”

She continued: “Harrow East deserves better. I’m determined to work tirelessly for local people and champion their concerns on a national platform. Our campaign to deliver for Harrow East starts today – I’m looking forward to getting on the doorsteps and winning back trust for Labour.”

GARETH THOMAS, Labour’s MP for Harrow West said: “Uma will be a first-class MP standing up for the people of Harrow East. It will be a pleasure to campaign with her to reverse the cuts in police numbers in Harrow, for a better Northwick Park and to get more investment in our schools. Together we will be highlighting the pressure on the living standards of too many Harrow families as a result of unchecked energy bills and the squeeze on wages since David Cameron took office.”

Uma Kumaran:

Born in London. Raised in Harrow and still lives there.

  • Educated at Harrow’s local state schools – Newton Farm infant & Primary, Bentley Wood Girls School and St Dominic’s Sixth Form.
  • Awarded Bachelor or Arts (BA) in Politics, Master of Science (MSc) in Public Policy by Queen Mary University of London
  • Worked for the NHS, supporting 66 trusts in England. Since then she has worked as a caseworker, for a Minister and as a policy researcher and now works at the London Borough of Islington.
  • School Governor at a local school in Harrow
  • Volunteer radio presenter and producer for Northwick Park Hospital.


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  1. Concerned Harrovian

    Will start her campaign by dealing with the beds in sheds issue? She has said she wants to champion residents’ concerns.

  2. Barry Macleod-Cullinane

    Congratulations to Ms. Kumaran on being selected to fight Harrow East.

    Perhaps as one of your campaigns for “winning back trust for Labour,” Ms. Kumaran, you might undertake to ask Gareth Thomas MP whatever happened to the brand new £305 million hospital at Northwick Park, to be built by 2010, that Gareth promised every voter in Harrow West in writing back in 2005?

    After all, residents in Harrow East have also been badly let down by Labour’s Gareth Thomas breaking his 2005 election promise to build a £305 million brand new hospital… and the blame must lie with Labour as they were in government when Gareth broke his promise to Harrow voters…

  3. Marcello Borgese

    That’s all we need – another politician whose work experience is predominantly working for a political party! At least she’s good-looking but you need more than a pretty face and a nice hairdo to win elections. Probably the result of an all-female short-list. Conservative HQ tried to impose artificial short-lists on Harrow East but the members said “No thank you, we’ll chose our own candidate based purely on merit” and CHQ listened.

    Labour seem to be either complacent or defeatist about this seat which is surprising since it’s a marginal; I thought they’d put in a serious heavy hitter. Provided he keeps a clean expense account, BB can expect to retain this seat. Better still, make the simple electoral pact with UKIP and he’ll walk it.

    Well done BMC for reminding us of GT’s total failure to secure NPH’s rebuild but BB did promise a rebuild of RNOH 4 years ago. I sincerely hope Labour will not be reminding us of that in a few years time.

  4. Praxis Reform

    This seems to be the way of things these days, becoming an MP seems merely to be a stepping stone to a more powerful job in Europe or with a Hedge fund.

    I’m trying not to be cynical here, but I really hope the Labour Party doesn’t think Harrow East voters are so stupid that the Ethnic Majority population will be swayed by a Sri Lankan candidate, and the rest by a pretty face. But then I note that old Bob has started a Hindu APPG recently.

    UKIP have already said they won’t contest seats where the MP is Eurosceptic, so I’ll be surprised to see a UKIP candidate in Harrow East.

    On the other hand, Northwick Park is in Barry Gardiner’s territory, so I’m baffled as to why old Gareth thinks he can have influence / credit for it.

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