Dec 12 2014

Unrest in Harrow Labour? Another Split on the Way?

labour_roseBack in November, Uma Kumaran was out campaigning with Islington Labour in Harrow East. However, it seems that she wasn’t supported by many colleagues from the Harrow East Labour group, which might be an early indication of another fracture appearing in the group.

It all started with this Tween, from Dean Gilligan, @deangilli6, who describes himself as “GMB Branch Secretary, Labour Party member , NHS campaigner” on his Twitter account, which was prompty replied to by Phill O’Dell (@phillipodell64), who says he is “Labour Councillor in Harrow for Wealdstone Ward in Harrow East Constituency”

20141212_labour_unrestYou can see the original Tweet here (until it’s removed).

Does Cllr Phil sound a bit annoyed that none of his colleagues have turned out to help Ms Kumaran? Or is this an indication of a little unrest within the group. It wouldn’t, of course, be the first time that the group has seen turmoil within the ranks – perhaps this is just the start of another fracture.

A former Harrow East Labour Party member said: “Ms Kumaran’s failure to attract Harrow East Labour Councillors to come out and campaign for her is a regular occurrence. This all goes back to her selection last November as Labour’s parliamentary candidate under dubious circumstances. Apparently many Labour Councillors are voting with their feet by doing very little or no campaigning for her – the same with local activists.”


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