Jun 08 2012

Uproar in Wealdstone over Avanti House Traffic

As we announced a couple of weeks back, Avanti House school has finally identified it’s new home, albeit on a temporary, split-site, basis, with one half of the school being at  the Harrow Teachers Centre in Wealdstone.

Local free paper, the Harrow Times, reports that residents of Athlestone Road are ‘furious’ that they haven’t been consulted over the proposals, with concerns over the extra traffic that the school will bring to the area. With 150 additional children  – five classes of 11 year olds – being shipped into the area each morning – presumably, given the location, being dropped off in a fleet of cars – and collected again in the afternoon, both traffic and parking looks like it’ll be a major issue.

It seems many residents haven’t been consulted, and some feel let down by the Council’s apathy. And, of course, this issue is likely to run and run: there clearly is no space for a real, proper school for Avanti House in Harrow, and whilst it’s important that the children do have places to be educated, many will feel that this isn’t the right place to do it.

The Harrow Times have the full story, here. The Avanti House website, meanwhile, is quiet on the issue, and, interestingly, hasn’t even mentioned that it’ll be camping out at the Teachers Centres. Not, we’d suggest, an auspicious start.

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