Nov 08 2012

Vaughan School Expansion Causes House-Price Drop?

With a number of school expansion projects underway (or soon to be underway) across the Borough, a local resident made some enquiries of local estate agents to see what impact, if any, there would be on the value of his house, both during, and after, the construction. It could take up to two years or more, during which time, he felt, he’d be living almost on a building site. The minutes from Harrow Council’s Oversight and Scrutiny Committee meeting from October 24, 2012, sum this up nicely:

Regarding the Vaughan School expansion plans, residents who back onto the proposed development have sought the advice of a local estate agent on the impact to their house prices. They have been advised in writing that it could reduce the price by between £10,000 and £20,000 and make the properties difficult to sell. In fact during the near 2 year construction period it would probably make them impossible to sell.

Harrow’s answer? “It’s not a material planning consideration”.

There was a follow-up question:

What compensation will be paid to the residents for the stress and the anxiety, noise from the two year building  planned and construction…?

Harrow’s answer? They ducked the question completely.

Yep, a council that listens. You can read the entire set of minutes here.

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  1. Georgia Hcrfm on Facebook

    In my opinion, Harrow should build a new school. I’ll wager that the amount of money they will spend on individual School expansions they will spent as much as it would have cost to build a new school.

    Kodak site its up for development, great location for a new school.


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