Jan 03 2013

Vaughan School Expansion – Consultation Underway

constructionFollowing another bout of IT problems, the long-awaited statutory consultation for the expansion of Vaughan School has started, and residents can now view the proposals and formally provide their feedback, by going to the Council’s Planning Portal and searching for application P/2515/12.

There’s no need to get too excited though – there are over 50 documents to review (including those that are superseded), some documents are padded out with entirely unnecessary information: for example, the school travel plan, at 17.1Mb and 56 pages contains only a handful of relevant pages! It’s fluffed out with six pages about Stanburn School and 26 pages about tree assessments – neither of which are anything to do about travel!

Of course, reviewing these documents isn’t likely to be quick: even at the best of times, it’s taking minutes to move between screens, and with at least ten documents all with the same names, actually getting the bottom of what’s proposed is likely to be difficult.

Many local residents are against the idea of the expansion: if they’d like to let us have their views by email to info@iharrow.com we’d be happy to publicise them. Likewise, we’d be happy to see the view of people who support the development – again, same email address.

Consultation finishes on or around January 28, 2013 – but get in early, as there are bound to be more IT problems between now and then.

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