Feb 13 2013

Vaughan School Expansion – Details now on the website, somewhere

The ill-fated planning application for Vaughan School’s expansion is apparently back on Harrow Council’s website for your viewing pleasure. If only you could find it…

Regular readers will recall that the application process got suspended due to one of Harrow’s many IT failures back in early January, but we hear that those issues have now been fixed. However, another IT snaffle seems to mean that it’s just very difficult to find it there!

As a local resident pointed out, “For example if we put our post code in (HA2 7AX) and then pick [something] Dorchester Avenue, it doesn’t show it on the map. The only one in the area is Harrow Garage:”

vaughan_mapAlthough, having said that,  if you go to the website at http://harrow.gov.uk/planning and choose ‘search by number’ then use ‘vaughan*’ in ‘street name search’ it will find it; if you go to http://harrow.gov.uk/planning and ‘search by map’ it doesn’t.

Since most residents, we’d guess, do it the easy – and obvious – way, it’s fairly clear that this really isn’t playing fair. Having a planning application that isn’t easily found, isn’t really the way to hold a democratic planning process.

No doubt this will be fixed in the fullness of time, and those residents who want to wade through 49 huge documents – some as recent as a few days – will be able to do so.

In the meantime, you can simply search the planning portal for application P/2515/12.

On a final note, we’d point out that the Site Notice document still says that residents have 28 days from January 4th 2013 to object. So not everything there is quite done properly yet…

As our resident said, “…is this just a final attempt for the council not to conduct a proper consultation?”

Thanks to GN for the heads-up.


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  1. Jeremy Zeid HARROW UKIP

    And unlike Labour and the Conservatives who in the first instance want it as a “legacy”, so keep schtum, while the latter also keep schtum so as to not be accused of not wanting a nice new school for the kiddie-winks and hang the consequences. After all, how could anyone be so heartless as to deny anything to children, at least that is how any opposition or discussion is closed down.

    Unfortunately for them, the guilt thing really doesn’t work on me.

    Having read and seen more and more of the proposals, the more I am against it. The main parties in not raising or even being prepared to discuss this frankly and openly exposes a deep moral bankruptcy and a contempt for residents, their concerns and their homes.

    I am the ONLY one to have raised and addressed have raised this fiasco at length in my campaign literature as well as meeting with some of the residents and I’m quite prepared to go into bat for them.

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