Dec 05 2012

Vaughan School Governor Spreads FUD about School Expansion

In a master-stroke, Vaughan School’s Chair of Governors has spread fear, uncertainty and doubt in a bid to gain support from Harrow’s councillors over the plans to expand the school.

In a letter sent to councillors, Pippa Lee said, “There is an obvious need to expand in order to continue to provide very good all round education…”, before moving on to fear: “…we have concerns over the state of our buildings with regards to safety and child protection.” Child protection always gets attention, of course.

Warming to her theme, she continued: “…The reception is out of sight from visitors… this creates a clear risk to child safety…”

Switching gears, she introduces doubt about the fitness of the building as a teaching environment, pointing out that the school was built over forty years ago – which makes it a meer youngster, compared to others in the borough: Welldon Park Junior School, for example, celebrated it’s centenary a year or two back, and has recently had substantial work done to repair leaking roofs in two of it’s buildings – and still has damp patches in a number of areas.

Uncertainty? No problem for Ms Lee: “Our boiler is over forty years old and breaks every winter…”

Doubt? Absolutely: “There are also issues with asbestos and as time goes by this is going to become a serious health risk,” although there isn’t much more detail. Asbestos, as is widely known, is absolutely safe if left alone, and not cut, sanded, drilled or broken. Harrow Council does, of course, have Asbestos Management plans in place for schools across the borough.

Local residents are up-in-arms about the expansion, claiming that the Council hasn’t listened to their objections, comments and views. We can’t comment on that, but judging by the way that residents were threatened with being thrown out of a recent Council meeting, it doesn’t seem to beyond the realms of possibility.

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