Jun 09 2013

Vaughan School Planning Application – Council Website Crashes Again

harrow_council_logoEarlier this week notices were served to residents and individuals who had previously commented on this application advising them that the deferred planning application was being heard again at the next Planning Committee meeting on the 19th June. They were invited to leave comments.

However…on attempting to do so today we got this response, below.

It seems as though the gremlins – which we’ve documented fully over recent months – in the councils IT department have returned!

As people only have 14 days this time to submit any comments, by not having this available at weekends causes considerable disruption and will mean that yet again not everyone who wants to will be able to raise their objections. As the council is clearly unable to run this consultation properly – how can they ask for comments when, yet again, their own website is unavailable – and they need to extend the consultation period and postpone the review of the application until the next planning meeting.


The only good news in this entire shambles is that this problem doesn’t just affect the Vaughan School planning application – any attempt to search for planning applications (go to www.harrow.gov.uk/planning, and click on ‘Search by number’) produces exactly the same result.

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  1. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    I have e-mailed the head of planning requesting this be sorted first thing Monday morning.

    Cllr Will Stoodley, Portfolio Holder for Planning and Regeneration.

  2. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    Well Paul it’s now gone 10 to 4 and my comment still hasn’t been posted – looks like I reacted to this quicker than you did?!! And by the way – the first time I tried to log back on to iHarrow 2 minutes ago I got a bad gateway! Guess it happens to the best of us?!

  3. HarrowRes

    Thank you Councillor for your prompt response and the action you have taken.
    Perhaps you would be kind enough to post updates on here as and when your receive them from the head of planning as this is the third time this has happened during the Vaughan School planning process.

  4. HarrowWorker

    I was working in a busy supermarket in South Harrow when I was approached by someone to sign a petition. I said that I was against anything the school was doing and was asked to sign the petition. I believed it was against the planned building works.

    Imagine my horror when I discovered that I had been duped into signing it and it was in fact in favour of the building works.

    I feel I was conned into signing this petition and would not have done so if I had known.

    I wonder how many other people have been similarly conned ?

    1. A resident

      When signing a petition you should always check the top/cover page of the petition to confirm what it is you are signing. The “someone” may have misheard you in a busy supermarket as you clearly did not hear what they were asking…

      Conned is a very strong word to use for perhaps a genuine “mistake”?

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