Apr 10 2014

Victoria Borwick on Step-Free Access for Harrow on the Hill

victoria_borwickVictoria Borwick London Assembly Member and Statutory Deputy Mayor was in Harrow recently. Her April 2014 newsletter includes a short summary:

Victoria recently visited the site of the proposed “Step-Free access” development at Harrow-on-the-Hill station. A joint feasibility study into this project was recently announced, bringing it a step closer to completion. In addition, Harrow Council have committed £3.1 million for the scheme in its budget.

Victoria met with Deputy Leader of Harrow Council, Cllr Barry Macleod-Cullinane who discussed the plans. The Council’s own Local Plan suggests that the area has development capacity to accommodate 2,800 new homes and to make provision for start-ups and business investment to deliver 3,000 jobs over the next 15 years.

The Mayor of London praised the work of Harrow Council in bringing these plans forward. Victoria commented: “I am delighted that the Mayor recognises the work done by Councillor Susan Hall and the rest of the Harrow administration, in working tirelessly to make the Harrow and Wealdstone area a new opportunity area to attract new funding in order to include step-free access. I hope that we continue to make more of London step-free to make life easier for people and show that London is a friendly city.”


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  1. John Clement

    Since recently developing bad arthritis I have found using Harrow -on The Hill station to be absolute hell. Only the Chiltern Line management staff exceed the parametyers of making life as difficult as possible for aged, infirm & disabled people -particularly at Marylebone Station.I suspect that the Chiltern Line management are a group of misanthropic sociopaths with hightened sadistic tendencies.

  2. sonoo malkani

    These are encouraging words from Victoria Borwick.Let’s hope the plans to make Harrow and Wealdstone a new opportunity area work out and attract new funding which would include step-free access as part of the package.Every step taken in the right direction makes the possibility of the step-free access which is so badly needed at Harrow-on the Hill a reality.

  3. Gary Roberts

    Would it not make more sense financially to put in a ramp rather than lifts.? I visited Elm Park (district line) station recently. They used to have just as many steps as Harrow on the Hill station. But they done away with them several years ago and replaced the steps with a long ramp. I can’t see why the same cannot be done at Harrow.

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