Sep 03 2013

@victoriasilver4 – Harrow Carer Champions Project

cllr_victoria_silverCarers make a vital contribution to the people they care for, to our local communities and to our economy. They do a difficult job in very difficult circumstances, indeed our whole system would completely collapse without them.
Not only do they provide a lifeline to some of the most vulnerable older and disabled people in Harrow, they also save the council and health services millions each year.

This is one agenda that can’t be parked. The recent census showed us there are 24,620 carers in Harrow, an increase of over 4,000, rising faster than the population. 65% provide up to 19 hours of care a week and 19% provide 50 hours or more.

As part of a project group, over the last few months, I have spoken to many carers about their struggles, their achievements and what they would like to see change as part of the ‘Harrow Carer Champions’ project.

As a former carer for my Mum I know how carers often go unnoticed. Until I was an adult I had no idea I had been a young carer and I certainly wasn’t offered any help. A lot of people in Harrow do not see themselves as a carer and they are left to fight many battles on their own.

Thanking carers and raising awareness are just some of the ways we can help improve our understanding of their amazing value, and the Harrow Carer Champion Group has been set-up to make sure carers stories influence the type of support services we have in future.

Carers are powerful and multi-skilled, able to advocate and help others through their own experiences. Through this project we hope to show by building on the carers role as community assets even more carers can be supported locally.

Could you be a Carer Champion? Email victoria.silver@harrow.gov.uk

Cllr Victoria Silver | Kenton East

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