Nov 22 2016

Waxwell Lane Car Park Consultation – December 5, 2016



Just a reminder of the options displayed at the last meeting:

  • Keep the whole car park – Dismissed
  • Build 8 –9 dwellings with 66 parking spaces retained – under consideration
  • Build 18 –20 dwellings with 46 parking spaces retained – under consideration
  • Build 30 – 32 dwellings with 21 parking spaces retained – under consideration
  • Build 38 – 40 dwellings with no parking spaces retained – Dismissed

More details on the Waxwell campaign here.

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  1. peter day

    The council only have consultation to keep rate payers happy to make us think we are being listened to They have already made up their mind. The Pinner Wood Park Residents were asked to take part in a consultation regarding their Conservation Area over 308 resident took part out of a possible 330 who could take part. They wanted a change to the out dated rules regarding replacing windows to bring them into the 21st century by using modern materials, only 8 residents were against our suggested up-date I would call that a democratic vote in favour of a change But the planning committee ignored the residents in favour of keeping the out-dated rules, Leaving us all with very high heating bills for winter after winter. Of course none of that committee have to pay them. Or they are not capable of understanding what it is like for the old and the young being cold. So any or probably EVERY CONSLUTATION that residents/ rate payers are asked to take part in is just to Happy They have made their mind up already.

  2. Springett

    We know that they have already made their mind up but if we don’t fight it them they will assume that they can do what they want.

    Part of the fight is to ensure that they look at the bigger picture as Pinner & Hatch End have already fulfilled new housing under the current plan.

    We want to ensure that we keep the high street vibrate, you can get a doctors appointment at the Pinn Medical Centre. pateints with mobility issues can park close to the medical centre. Local schools have spaces.

    We are also concerned that the houses for rent won’t be the golden cash cow.

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