Jan 09 2016

Waxwell Lane Car Park: “Houses, not cars” say the Council

harrow_council_brokenGuest post from JW:

Harrow Council have issued a tender to build 34 abodes on Waxwell Lane Car Park. More information can be found on the website below.


The Pinner Association has been informed that a tender document has been issued by Harrow Council relating to a proposed housing development on the Waxwell Lane car park. The current draft proposal is for 34 housing units on the site, varying in size from one-bedroomed flats to four bed-roomed townhouses. The tender document can be found on the link above.

On page 14 of the tender document a timetable shows that the “local stakeholder consultation” would end in August 2016 – therefore it is likely that this consultation would be held over the summer holiday period and so it will be necessary for all concerned parties to be fully informed and aware of the deadlines for comments in order that the local residents, businesses, school, places of worship, etc., can give their views of the proposals.”

Development of the 34 New abodes would result in the following:

  • Increased demand of local schools
  • Increased demand on NHS
  • Increased traffic flow on Waxwell Lane
  • Increase traffic on Love Lane especially when the school children are dropped off/picked up (they currently have an agreement to use Waxwell Lane Car Park)
  • Impact on Local residential street parking
  • Potential closure of ‘The Odd Fellows Pub’ due to residents complaining of noise from the pub garden
  • Loss of Car Parking especially for current business permit holders
  • Problems for the showmen of Pinner Fair with parking.


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