Dec 23 2016

Wealdstone’s getting better, says Council: drugs, fly-tips, counterfeit toys and beds in shed.

harrow_council_broken_22How to spin bad news as good, according to Harrow Council’s PR team. A press release following a day of action in Wealdstone read:

“…the joint operation between Harrow Council, Harrow Police, trading standards and London Fire Brigade saw a drugs raid carried out, tonnes of fly-tip removed, streets cleaned, some counterfeit toys seized and a notice served when a bed in shed was discovered.”

It continued with this statement from Labour’s Cllr Graham Henson: “Harrow is getting better! It’s great to see things have improved in Wealdstone since our last visit…”

So, we’ve got a drugs raid, masses of rubbish dumped in streets, someone flogging dodgy toys, and people living in sheds. And Labour think it’s on the up.

Lord help us.



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  1. Manji Kara

    Yes Harrow Labour is on TOP of fly tipped mountains around Harrow. Yes they are at the tip of drug syringe abusers. Yes they are on top of rubbish and litter scattered all over Harrow. When will all this TOP SPIN stop and residents see the colour of the footpath and road beneath the litter?

  2. F.D.Billson

    The decision to reduce collection times of the brown bin from once a week to once a fortnight was plain wrong, the decision to introduce the charge for the lesser service has been a dishonest ploy by this Labour Council to extract more money from the excessively taxed residents of Harrow . There has been a constant nibbling away of service by Labour through their periods in office with the result that we now have is a minimal service of cleanliness and a very dirty and unkempt Harrow

  3. Someonewhocares

    Harrow is “getting better”? ‘Should have gone to Specsavers’ Cllr. Henson! Yes, if you want to irritate folks further just say something which is patently nonsense or be so selective that it is virtually meaningless and insults our intelligence – it works every time. One interesting thing about spin is that *spiders” do it of course to entrap their prey – so after his increasing propensity for it should Cllr. Henson now be called *Cllr. Spiderman*?

    As for all Cuts and effects on all services if you have the time F.D. please just follow the links below; And if you travel around a bit you will see this ‘nibbling’ is widespread – thanks to CENTRAL Government as much as LOCAL Council issues:



  4. Mike McFadden

    Harrow council seem to live in a fantasy world where all lies are true. I must admit their street cleaning staff work very hard but they are swimming against the tide. No matter how much street rubbish they pick-up more will follow from illegal beds in sheds and those that have no allegiance to our way of life.

    Wealdstone praise themselves for getting rid of one bed in shed development. Edgware ward has HMO’s with beds in sheds appearing on a weekly basis.

    I have personally written to Paul Nichols Divisional Director of Regeneration Enterprise and planing.on the 25th May and 29th August 2016 together with a letter to Chief Executive or should I say the expensive waste of space but never get a reply. I suppose they are too busy planing their days off and holiday arrangements to pay attention to the destruction of the family and family life in Edgware ward using the abuse of office.

    However, they call it regeneration.* Perhaps they should be reminded this is “HARROW” not some shanty town clearance such as Toxteth, Leicester or Mumbai. The amount of beds in sheds and conversions from family homes to grotesque HMO’s with all the problems they create are obscene and offensive to local home owners and tax-payers seeing their area turned into a rat infested ghetto.

    Oh what a bad day our local MP Bob Blackman had when he walked into me just before Christmas right outside one of these grotesque conversions to 8 or 9 single room dwellings from a modest 3 bed semi.

    I was quick to point out to Mr Blackman I had no wish to spoil his holiday but insisted while he stood right outside one of these offensive dwelling he should look at it. Stating the woman that lived here for 30/40 years was hounded out just like her friend opposite. You need to know whats going on in this part of Harrow where the White English traditional family are under attack. Its very scary and we will be coming to see you early in the new year. Things are getting out of control. Even our Mps are standing up in parliament saying they no longer understand whats happening in Britain.

    Now lets wait and see what the Marxist mouth piece of Harrow has to say.!

    I sincerely hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and wish you all happy and prosperous New Year.

    Regards Mike McFadden

    Someone that does not hide!! ha ha ha You couldn’t make it up.

    1. Someonewhocares

      Based on that no doubt Bob B. just thought you a UKIP mouthpiece Alf!
      (and let’s hope he took more notice of you that we do!)

      Anyway, here is what our MPs *actually* know about Beds-In-Sheds: Best to read it all first Alf before indulging in all your usual irrelevant rubbish?:

      From 2012:

      Replaced in 2015 by:

      Finally did you know that much of the HMOs are due to the inept CENTRAL-GOVERNMENT planning policies imposed? (Yes, your cue to meet up with Bob again and ask why Alf!)

      1. Mike McFadden


        I don’t give a fig about your nasty Marxists statements. I’m talking about facts not your fiction. I am fully aware Harrow are a do nothing council even with there Five Thousand Six Hundred staff and what is becoming glaring obvious is that “Subterfuge” is playing a big part of Harrow’s demise.
        Look what happened in Tower Hamlet Council because decent folk took their eye of the ball that allowed scum to take control. !!

        Now, if you would like to identify yourself and who you actually work for your irrational views may find some substance. Until then just shut it. The country has had enough of liars and deniers who are nothing more then traitors hiding in the shadows.

        I hope everyone has a happy and prosperous new year. Except all Marxists thugs that are definitely in for a hard time under the real new- world- order that folks voted for rather then had thrust upon by bully-boys and political hoodlums.

        1. Someonewhocares

          Hilarious nonsense! “Marxist statements”?? The links above ARE facts you idiot, it is a GOVERNMENT website! (Did you actually read them or “Can’t You Handle The TRUTH”?)

          – Or perhaps *you* ‘should have gone to Specsavers’, Alf: I recommend you go there ASAP and take Cllr. Henson with you too (as previously mentioned)! Perhaps then a clearer view will stop you apparently seeing all this ‘nasty stuff’ where it simply does not exist – but I seriously doubt it, you are clearly beyond help!

          As for New World Order ?? Ha ha ha!! – that is even funnier: Right-Wing Rot.
          I expect you will be claiming to be one of the illuminati next!

          1. Mike McFadden

            I wouldn’t bother to read anything put forward by a liar and denier. I suggest now you’ve been rumbled as a nasty Marxist twat you go back to watching Sky tv all day becoming more and more bitter and twisted that real folk are back in charge again. Spend your benefits wisely you may see things change. Ave a nice day. Loser!

          2. Someonewhocares

            Completely wrong on all counts Alf (-yet again)! Look, we all realised a while ago your mind is closed to most things (except to your own self-radicalised far-right nonsense of course); And to think I just viewed you as a misguided and *rude* ignoramus: It turns out I was *nearly* correct – but it should have been *crude* not *rude”!

            As for ‘Real’ folk just who do you think these are? Oh, do you mean the likes of Trump and Farage? – the REAL liars/deniers of course – and in which case you must be referring to *REALity TV* people? I particularly look forward to seeing them on the “Great Global Foul-Up”! Oh no, wait …they just did!

            Now, any chance of getting back on topic and you provide some similar GOVERNMENT links which actually reflect your own ‘overly-biased views’ on beds-in-sheds and HMOs?

  5. red mirror

    Orwellian double speak people ie war is good peace is bad watch the film they live it is the world that we are in the disconnect between the truth and harrow council is monumental the next time you step in a massive pile of dog xxxx remember harrow is getting better or alternatively go to the civic kick down lockwoods door and plant your toxic foot in his mouth and say NOW harrow is getting better.

  6. Mike McFadden

    Red Mirror
    A bit like Doublethink. FaceCrime,The Ministry of Plenty is a bit like Harrows sound bites. The Ministry of Truth was modeled on The Onethathides. It only expects us to use Newspeak and “its” thoughtcrime backed up by the though police. You really couldn’t make it up, whats happening in Britain. However, my friend that’s all about to change. With us Brexiteers and Trump. The New-World-Order will come from the honest folk not the retards who hate freedom and free speech. Ave a nice day.

  7. Wealdstone Warrior

    I don’t know which Wealdstone Cllr Graham Henson is referring too, as it is not the Wealdstone I recognise. It must be an early April Fools joke or something! Wealdstone is an absolute hell hole, drug dealers & street drinkers on every corner. Alleyways between the shops on the High St are overflowing with litter and urine, as locals like to use the alleys as a public urinals, the one next to Coral bookmakers is especially bad. I wonder if Cllr Henson ever wanders around the back of the shops to see the filth & squalor that lies behind there.

    Then we have the rodent population of the rat variety, that are scurrying around at all hours, due to rubbish and mattress’s left on the streets. I am constantly getting pestered by people asking me for money, even inside the shops. But what do you expect, this is the suburban decay of a Labour led council.

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