Sep 10 2012

Wear it, Love it, Share it with Harrow Council – September 21, 2012

‘Swish’ yourself to a new wardrobe

Local residents and fashionista’s are invited to Harrow Council’s Swishing event on Friday 21st September 2012. Swishing is a fun and social way of re-using clothing, shoes and accessories and forms part of the Council’s drive to minimise the amount of waste the borough produces.

The Swishing event is part of the Wear it, Love it, Share it campaign being run by the council in partnership with West London Waste, and we are encouraging everyone to swap or trade their unwanted clothes (of good condition) with that of someone else’s.

Every person attending is required to bring in up to 10 good quality items of clothing, shoes or accessories to be allowed to take something from the event. Items are then Swished item for item, as you will be given a token for each item brought in which is then used to get new items.

It is a cost effective and eco-friendly way of getting new clothes. On average it is estimated that each of us throw away £400 worth of clothes every year. Around half of these are rarely worn, and in some cases have never been worn! So why not give your clothes a new home and pass them on?

Re-using or recycling clothes via charities and events like Swishing reduces the amount of textile waste going to landfill. In West London it is thought that almost 9,000 tonnes of textiles are thrown in the bin by residents where textiles can rot to produce methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. If these clothing items were reused or recycled more than 39 million tonnes of carbon would be saved.

The Swishing event takes place on Friday 21st September 2012 at the Civic Centre. It begins at the Council Chambers in the morning at 11am for people to drop off their items, and the Swish collection will commence at 1:30pm in the Members Lounge and is open until 3pm.

Items that are not accepted include jewellery used for piercing, swimwear and underwear including socks. Please ensure you read through the event rules fully.

So get Swishing and discover a new and fun way of recycling. You’ll get new items for your wardrobe and you won’t even need to bring your purse with you!

For more information email Natalie.Morgans@harrow.gov.uk or call 020 8736 6030.

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