Jul 18 2015

Welldon Park Infant School – Proposed Expansion Plans

welldon_park_logoWelldon Park Infant School, as we’ve mentioned before, is due to expand (as well as amalgamate with the Junior School down the road), and we now have a copy of the proposals.

The plans seems to fit in with the local area – obviously, it’s still early stages, and things could change as development progresses, but other than an expected increase in traffic, the expansion seems to fit in well as far as we can see.  According to the proposals, produced by consultancy E C Harris for the council, the proposals are:

  • A single story extension of teaching accommodation for the early years, together with adaption works internally for additional teaching areas.
  • The team felt that a two story solution would over-provide and at the same time have planning issues, particularly with the ‘exposed’ nature of the proximity of the allotments.
  • The proposals allows for the works to be segregated from the school, other than access.
  • The new build is separate from existing, to reduce the need to underpin the existing foundations to carry the extra load.

An extract of the plan is below, and additional PDFs from the community exhibition held least month can be found here, here and here.


There will, of course, be planning hoops top jump through, but this does seem quite a reasonable proposal. We’ll keep a close eye on it as things progress through coming months.

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