Jan 08 2013

What Capita Say About Harrow Council’s Contract

capita_logoWe wondered what Capita, the outsourcing giant, had to say about it’s deal with Harrow Council.

The Challenge

Harrow Council wanted to change the way its frontline staff deliver council services to residents, radically improving the residents’ experience. At the same time it wanted to save as much as possible on back office functions and procurement.

In partnership with the Council we developed a borough-wide transformation programme. This was underpinned by a robust IT platform that enabled us to drive improvements to the Council’s systems and improve services for residents.

Getting the IT in place

We implemented SAP ERP, CRM, EDRMS, GPS Mobile Working, CCPH (customer care platform), RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and Business Warehouse (management reporting) across the Council.

Improving information sharing

A new streamlined IT infrastructure supports information sharing and a move to mobile and flexible working.

Implementing flexible and mobile working platforms

We are introducing a flexible, proven workforce infrastructure that encourages a culture of part-time, flexi-time and home working, and will save over 500 desk spaces. This more tailored approach will put council employees in a better position to support the community.

Improving accessibility to services

Our Access to Services plan aims to give people easy access to council services through a mix of personal contact using the One Stop Shop contact centre and vastly improved online services.

Delivering services efficiently and effectively

We are delivering a whole raft of improved services including:

  • GPS-enabled waste management – we transformed the Council’s waste management by introducing new back office systems, route planning, GPS-enabled mobile working and real time integration with the contact centre. This new technology will save £3.1m over 10 years.
  • Self-service technology in libraries – introducing RFID technology in Harrow’s libraries enabled a new self-service system alongside stock management benefits for staff. This was underpinned by a library management system upgrade, a new online payment facility, a web redesign and integration with the Council’s customer portal.
  • Harrow Clicks – this is a campaign to let people know how many services they can access online. Dealing with a customer online costs just 17p compared to a face-to-face cost of £7.73. In less than a year Harrow Clicks delivered a 133% increase in online transactions, saving over £200,000 while enhancing customer service.
  • Better special needs transport – we developed an assessment and independent travel centre to offer improved services for people with special needs. New route planning software has maximised the efficiency of bus routes and we renegotiated contract fleet hire rates to bring further financial savings.

We have already delivered the £45m worth of savings we guaranteed on a gain-share basis. Ground-breaking transformation projects currently in hand will realise another £25m of savings over 10 years, and further projects awaiting approval could deliver a further saving of £25m.

“The unique partnership we have built with Capita brings together the best of the public and private sectors to deliver successful programmes on time and to budget. Working together, we have already truly transformed the way the Council manages its back-office functions.”

Michael Lockwood , Chief Executive, Harrow Council

As our friends at Private Eye would say… Trebles all round!

Source: Capita

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  1. Jeremy Zeid

    Any report or “Mission Statement” this packed with jargon, acronyms, gobbledegook and tortuous meaningless verbiage is always and I mean ALWAYS a smokescreen for cost overruns and abject FAILURE.

    On this Crapita have ample form. Sadly the Labour Group who couldn’t run a bath are completely out of their collective depths having, together with our sub-optimal bureaucrats who failed to draft a contract to rein in the Crapita Monster.

    This will cost taxpayers MILLIONS for years while Labour blames the “cuts”. Sadly certain factions of the Conservative Group with a bloated sense of worth are more interested in shafting their Leader than opposing the worst, most incompetent, pig headed, Labour Council that it’s possible to envision.

    Meanwhile Labour having blown the thick end of FIFTEEN MILLION QUID of OUR MONEY on “consultants” and the CRAPITA IT disaster have created a huge black-hole in Harrow’s finances and embarked on a high profile program of BLEEDING STUMP cuts that affect front line staffing and services while the fiscally incontinent and childish Cllr Sachin Shah, who is worryingly our finance “supremo”, blames the “cuts”.

    Harrow is rapidly becoming a FAILING COUNCIL, with little coherent opposition except for the Tory Leadership Duo Cllrs Hall and Macleod-Cullinane and me as Harrow’s UKIP representative, while the “Conservative Stanmore Set” are more interested in their own petty agendas. You know who you are……

    Sadly the public backstabbing and intrigues by various disloyal “worthies” in the two Harrow Conservative Associations and the deliberate marginalized and alienating of their prime activists means that they will not and cannot win the Council again and in all likelihood lose the Parliamentary seats.

    Ironically the meteoric rise in support for UKIP in Harrow could see us change voting patterns as people now realise that is not all about Europe, it’s about the Council serving Harrow Residents and not the other way around and never ever forgetting it.

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