Oct 05 2014

What? Has Harrow Council Gone All UKIP On Us?

harrow_council_logoHarrow Council’s Chief Beancounter Simon George has published the Council’s Annual Accounts on the website – probably a subject for another posting, as it’s 106 pages of small print, and frankly, a Sunday afternoon probably isn’t the time to be poring over the sad news (senior officers’ salary bill up from last year; pay-offs to exiting staff at almost £3,000,000, and so on…).

That said, if anyone wants to had a read though and produce a nice one-page summary to publish here, it would save me a job. Anyway…

What caught our eye was the front cover contained this logo:


…which looks awfully similar to the UKIP logo:


Nicely played, Mr George. Nicely played.


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