Jun 10 2012

What on Earth is going on with Bin Collections in Harrow?

Following on from the right-royal-mess-up of bin collections in Harrow following the long Jubilee weekend break, it seems all still isn’t well with Harrow Council. On Sunday morning at around 7.45am, a bin lorry arrived to collect a single BLUE bin from a street in South Harrow. This was followed an hour later by another visit – we’re not sure if it was the same lorry or a different one – which collected two more BLUE bins from the street. And then, at around 10.30am, yet another bin lorry arrived, reversed down the street, and then drove off again without, apparently, collecting anything at all.

Harrow has never, as far as we know, had bin collections on a Sunday before. And collecting BLUE bins makes it all the weirder, as the normal collection day is Monday, where GREEN bins are scheduled this week.

For a council that advises “… a lack of funding prevented anything being done to pre-warn everyone…” about the collections last week (collecting on a Tuesday,which was a declared Bank Holiday), it seems absolutely ludicrous that they have crews working on a Sunday, where there are few bins kerbside, ready for collection.

We’ve chased Harrow Council, and are awaiting a response.


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