Jul 29 2013

When you think they couldn’t sink any lower, the HCJ get out a shovel…

[warning]This article original suggested that the photos concerned were of Zarina. We’re pleased to confirm that the pictures aren’t actually of her. This article has been amended accordingly.[/warning]

After this weekend’s newsletter from the Harrow Council for Justice showing a range of modelling pictures of Independent Labour Group councillor, Zarina Khalid – an act we called ‘despicable’ – they’ve now sunk even lower and found some photos of someone who looks very much like her doing a swimwear modelling shoot.

How the hell this has anything to do with the self-stated aims of “promoting the principle of ‘different but equal'” we have absolutely no idea: it appears to be nothing other than a smear campaign to attack one of the youngest and most-stunning members of the ILG.

Zarina is a beautiful young lady, and to use her as a point of attack is beyond reproach, even more so given that we’re right in the middle of the holy period of Ramadan. It’s nothing short of spiteful.

If you were to go to the HCJ’s website, you’d see this pithily-worded comment:

hcj_piss_takeWords fail me.

If you’d like to comment, I’m sure the HCJ would be delighted to hear from you at admin@hcrj.org.uk. Please also feel free to leave a comment below.

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  1. Councillor Ben Wealthy

    I entirely agree with sadness and disgust expressed in the comments on this site, regarding the unacceptable victimisation of Zarina Khalid. She is a committed and genuine Councillor who does not deserve to be subjected to this sort of bullying and harassment. A pattern of behaviour is increasingly emerging around the conduct of Harrow Council for Justice. In recent times we have witnessed three separate personal, aggressive attacks on three well respected and hard working female Councillors from different political groups: Cllr Susan Hall (Conservative), Cllr Victoria Silver (Labour) and Cllr Zarina Khalid (Independent). The strength of feeling reflected in comment threads about this story demonstrates the desire to end this abuse. The intimidation being pursued by HCJ has no place in our community; far from promoting justice HCJ is spreading division and discord. We must come together to shine a spotlight and root it out.

    1. farakh

      The fact that such a sad individual had taken his time, to go through websites, countless presumably, to find one that tried to match 1 to Zarina, just says everything about the pathetic voyeur. The fact of the matter is, Zarina is such a successful, beautiful, ambitious and driven young lady, and to some individuals, that is a huge threat. That coupled with jealousy leads some individuals to do disgraceful and obscene things such as attempting to smear Zarina and her hard work she is doing. Having known Zarina personally, i can testify that she is the most respectful, well mannered and kept lady and it saddens me for someone to go out of their way to try to ruin her name. But they will not succeed, because we all truly know who and what Zarina is and what she stands for, and pathetic individuals like this, are not even a thorn in the way.

  2. Miah Bhai

    “equal but different” ..mm…”.racial harassment is anti human rights – more than hate crime”…great quotes !.inspiring like some Mandela-esque quotes and speeches!. Sadly those are so further from the truth because of the HCJ’s intentions. Trying to dupe the public into believing they are promoting art when there is not one shred of any artistic rejoice in their website !.It is very very sad that a team of respectable and intelligent people are letting personal influence to be conducted through its website thus down grading the HCJ.

    Some people lose the meaning of racism and justice over time when the world moves on and tries to integrate .They don’t want it too and simply want to continue to revel in their own self importance forgetting its core values. They must surely think for a moment as to what they are doing. Zarina Khalid is first or second generation .She may be someone’s daughter they are victimising or even someone’s niece or grand daughter who may have struggled with the bigots of the early days. Perhaps the HCJ know what they are doing . I valued some of the HCJs topics but I cannot understand why and what purpose this has on the website, as if its to discredit then they are doing the opposite. It is the HCJ who will, ultimately be vilified because they are doing it to one of their so called “own”.

    people are beginning to smell the HCJ’s fear and it cannot continue like this.

    so “equal unless different “or “harassment and hate” seems more appropriate don’t you think.

  3. Sabina

    My questions is, why are people still subscribing to HCJ’s newsletter? Why are people still entertaining this miserable, beyond ridiculous group? As for Husain Akhtar please don’t get me started on that pathetic, sad little man.

  4. Concerned Harrovian


    When you go to any meeting announce you are called Husain Akhtar and all the seats where you propose to sit will rapidly empty. Apparently many people (and this is according to Councillor Akhtar himself) go around impersonating him.

    Women will be seating themselves as far away as possible having read of his trawling of the internet for women’s photographs especially of young, goodlooking, female councillors.

  5. Concerned Harrovian

    Husain Akhtar is also deluded as why would anyone wish to impersonate him! It is the equivalent of announcing you are wearing a perfume called Eau de mouffette.

  6. Ayesha

    sick person, husain i am disgusted at this pathetic behaviour! To find someone who looks like her, get a life!! to degrade someone like this is truly pathetic, I suggest you go have a long hard look at yourself, you may not like it! from the comments above no one seems to like you, so get the hint and crawl back under your stone, you are a despicable excuse of a man, if i can even insult the male population and call you that!

  7. Mrs Fletcher

    Very well put Mr Miah Bhai! All the above comments are fantastic. Harrow council for justice are all about hating as many people as you can it seems. A real shame that is. All members of this organisation should be ashamed of themselves. I really am lost for words. Husain Akthar, I feel sorry for you and your obvious hatred towards society and women. I mean the evidence is all there, and yet you honestly state you have nothing more to do with an organisation which is what your Declaration of Interests suggests? All this lying during this sacred month for Muslims, i have muslim friends and i know how important this month is and you are disrespecting it. I believe you are the one who put those pictures up without permission and then put up links to swim wear models (and call it art), who look similar to the poor girl you are attacking for no reason. This sudden interest in semi naked girls astounds me when the photographer has an array of other wonderful pictures. It is very obvious what you are trying to do, why all this hatred?

  8. Zain M

    Unsubstantiated claims from Harrow Council for Justice who seem hell bound on their mission to defame Zarina Khalid’s character. I am not surprised as this entity or group of insipid and lacklustre individuals could only come out with something as asinine as this. These are accusations which have been identified as false accusations only serves a reminder why so many have lost faith in HCJ and what they stand for. Lies, lies and more lies, is this the foundations that Harrow want to be built on? I may also point out that this is the month of Ramadan so why is Husain Akhtar (who is a muslim) spreading such vicious and venomous lies? Why is Husain Akhtar trawling through the internet for women modelling swimwear? Surely this only affirms who are the hypocrites and the ones seeking to vilify individuals on baseless and unfounded claims. Truly disappointed especially when I see an injustice happen, Harrow Council for Justice please take note……………..

  9. Peter Tucker

    The RAF had a phrase that sums up the behaviour of HCJ and the inconsequents responsible..

    The phrase was ‘lack of moral fibre’.

    Ms. Khalid deserves better and I hope she can rise above it.

  10. Omar

    Simply an unpleasant character, who continues to act idiotically. Episodes like this tarnish the reputation of local politics, so credit to Cllr Khalid for maintaining her dignity and rising above petty squabbles.

  11. Haji Putaak

    see the link below of Cllr Zarina Khalids -growing success.


  12. Haji Putaak

    This was Cllr Jeremy Zieds -Chairman UKIP response that highlight the troll activities of these individuals.

    “The attack on Cllr Zarina Khalid by Husein Akhtar is a disgrace. I have found Cllr Khalid to be easy to deal with and up to the job. Akhtar’s behaviour is both bullying and calculated to defame. As usual the coward hides behind the HCiJ but his ip-address once again gives him away. His bloated sense of self-worth and entitlement has put him into conflict wherever he goes, but it’s never his fault.

    I hope that he is barred from office and forced to resign. He is not a fit and proper person to represent Harrow and its residents and if he has any sense of honour, he’d resign…. He won’t.

    His behaviour isn’t new. His insulting and offensive rantings using various pseudonyms (Harrowking and DavidX, to bame two) on the Harrow Times website as well as dragooning in his cronies on the Harrow Council for inJustice during the West Harrow by-election were disgusting.

    For a man who is constantly citing justice, tolerance and righteousness, accusing all and sundry of “bullying”, “racism” and every other “-ism” truly is the pot calling the kettle black.

    His smearing of Zarina is but the latest of his odious vendettas. I have made sure that Cllr Akhtar can never join UKIP drspite his previous enquiries and later denial.

    RESIGN and do us all a favour. SHUT UP and do yourself a favour.”

  13. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    @ Jaiya and Dr Pravin – the alleged owners of Harrow Council for Justice. You need to be very very careful! Husain Akhtar is a very crafty man-or in your language a chalaki motto chamchor. He will undoubtedly be able to wriggle out of anyone pinning him to HCJ and when that happens, any single complaint made to the police, any police investigations and any criminal proceedings and criminal court summonses that may result, will therefore be in the names of Jaiya Shah and Dr Pravin Shah. Are you still allowed to be a doctor if you have a criminal record for harassment?!

  14. Cllr Zarina Khalid

    Dear All, firstly I’d like to say thank you so much for all your support. To my utter horror I have been told that HCJ have claimed I gave permission for my photographs to be sent to unknown addresses. A Muslim councillor from Barnet believe it or not was also sent the email containing my images. I’d like to confirm I never gave permission for pictures to be sent. I am very upset over the links they put up on their page of girls who look like me in swimwear. I am lost for words really. Thank you all so much once again for your kindness, in particular iharrow, who really do stand for justice.

  15. Amna

    I just cannot believe HCJ would do this, actually dare to tell people Cllr Zarina gave permission when she clearly did not! That little ‘note’ beneath the links on the HCJ website was simply grotesque. The mind set behind this evil clan called HCJ is unbelievable. I think she should sue them and demand to know exactly who sent the images without consent and who they sent this to. People can track emails can they not? Can she not go to the police for harassment? I would be devastated if some organisation did this to me! What hobbies people have done or do in their spare time has nothing to do with anyone! Who is this Dr Pravin Shah and Jaiya? Be ashamed of yourselves you disgusting people, do you have kids of your own? I feel sorry for them! Husain was the most recent man to be horrible to Zarina in his rant about Children Services which gave no alternatives and focused on the negative bits, I am sure every department has imperfections! Husain is clearly linked to HCJ. Simple logic tells us who is behind this. He is lying during this month, what else is the little tiny man lying about? There are daggers behind his smiles, beware of him everybody! Zarina is a fellow Muslim and you BME people do this to her? I still cannot believe it. Doing this during this month to a fellow Muslim Husain?


  16. Jameel Sheik

    How does this “chelaki mottah chamchaa” (correct spelling Cllr Will Studdley but I hear you bruv !) that is Hussain “the Churbi” Akhtar can even continue to face the residents who he lied too in order to get elected.!

    how can he do this to a fellow BME for no reason but thirst of power and ignorance of women. It begs belief but I guess he has lived off the fat of his own disgruntled ego for so long now that he has plenty in reserve.

    I hope he never meets people who care about this woman and who arent so politically savvy wishing he hadn’t sent picture of her so that he could dupe the less liberal. The muslim community is so large but surprisingly all knowing.

    Great to see Cllr khalids post handling it all with such integrity. well done! we hear you sista!

  17. Ruby

    The whole of HCJ should be named and shamed and the website shut down. They know the Asian Community and how bad it was to send images of one their own BME girls in that way without permission…and then to post links of the same photographer, but with totally different swimwear models who look similar to Cllr Zarina. I cannot believe an organisation; especially one called HCJ would do that. Husain, I would like to quote the Quran to you, perhaps you should also read some hadith about defaming others and how bad it is to hate and attack, like a dog with rabies if you don’t like something or someone, so an Islamic lesson for you, that is if you are indeed a Muslim and not just by name, as character is more important than a fake façade. This is from Surah Baqarah verse 74 which states ‘Thence forth were your hearts hardened: they became like a rock and even worse in hardness. For among rocks there are some from which rivers gush forth, others there are which when split asunder send forth water, and others which sink for fear of Allah. And Allah is not unmindful of what ye do’. Take heed Husain. Swear on the Quran you had not one atom worth of influence around the HCJ’s distribution of photos, which are all very decent as I looked at the email you sent to someone. They were also disgusted with you. Why would the HCJ all of a sudden attack a Muslim female councillor during Ramadan under some false claim when they did not even ask the person they are sending pictures of? Why spread girl’s images about? Why not pick art which does not display girls during this month? Are you BME HCJ representatives that thick? Or is Husain your owner and you do as you are told? Top dog is he in your clan of insignificant people? You donated a laptop to an evil Dr Pravin? Dr’s can certainly afford their own laptops as I am sure other warped people in HCJ can too. Someone in the above comments put it perfectly, you all have dark hearts, but you Husain are indeed the worst. May Allah bring this girl justice during this holy month? I cannot think what her and her family must be going through after your swimwear model antic. You are all unjust and I urge everyone to stand up for justice and demand this website be shut down. Can someone not ask for freedom of information so we know exactly who committed this defamatory crime? Simply incredulous.

  18. Ahmed

    I don’t expect Hussain to do the decent thing and resign because that wouldn’t be in keeping with his character. As a peace loving citizen of Harrow I DEMAND that action be taken forthwith against this evil man. This man has no place in our society. His actions are akin to the dirty politics of banana republics. His track record speaks for itself. To Cllr Khalid, I would say that you should be resolute and know that God delivers justice to those who are patient. You have the full support of Harrovians. He will get his comeuppance.

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