Nov 06 2017

Where’s the bloody bin, Sachin? Harrow Council REMOVES Street Bins.

September 27, 2717: Harrow Council announces a plan to replace 2,000 bins across the borough, at the rate of five a day (which means it’ll take more than a year and a half to complete): “The new super dustbins are replacing old bins and adding extra bins to the streets that need them most,” says the council.

October 8, 2017: The bins (well used, often overflowing) at the junction of Northolt Road with Wyvenhoe Road are removed (see picture).

November 6, 2017: Still no bins. Street rubbish seems to be at a record high.

When the council loftily announced this plan, the public expectation was that bins would be replaced; clearly, the council has taken “replace” to mean “remove, and and some point put a new one out”.

Not the council’s greatest moment of glory. Where’s the bloody bin, Sachin?

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  1. mcmc303@gmail.com

    They probably don’t have the money after given away £400,000 of our money to newly arrived immigrants to help them integrate. !! You couldn’t make it up. If they can’t or are having trouble integrating perhaps they shouldn’t be allowed to come in the first place. It should be a prerequisite that those wishing to come to the U.K must prove their willingness to integrate and speak our language. Ain’t rocket science, innit mate.

    1. Harrow Dude

      Nice swerve from bin replacement to immigrants. For the record the £400k was awarded from the Controlling Migration Fund and presumably some of it would be used to teach people to “speak our language”.

      This particular bin was probably not replaced due to the amount of rubbish that was constantly dumped around it. No doubt extra bins will be placed on the Northolt Road.

  2. mike mcfadden

    Harrow Dude, Please, You’re saying because the bin was getting used they removed it. Now what sort of logic is that?
    Its like saying Harrow is becoming a rat infested hovel. So we might as well get rid of the boroughs pest controllers or that so many people are abusing planning controls lets get rid of planning. Or is it already happening in Harrow?

    Is it any wonder people coming here can’t speak English because there are many here for years can’t speak English.
    Do-gooders that think printing in many different languages helps the nu-arrivals. Oh no it doesn’t, it takes away the need for them to learn our language and ultimately our customs and way of life.

    Time to put Harrow’s tax-payer’s first. Get back our £400,000 and spend the money on getting Harrow’s web-site working properly and keeping our streets clean like they use to be.!! Ave a nice day.

    1. red mirror

      any news mike on the 40 layoffs that you mentioned?maybe thats why the bins are disappearing or was it just rumour?

  3. Harrow Dude

    Firstly that is not what I was saying, allow me to clarify. Some bins attract a lot of fly tipping due to a misbelief that it’s ok to dump rubbish by a bin because that bin has to be emptied, which clearly it’s not. Where this occurs these bins have been removed a placed elsewhere. in this case Northolt Road

    Secondly there is no getting back your £400k because it came from a Central Government fund for a specific use. A bit like money from the Town Centre Regeneration fund can only be used for the Town Centre.

  4. Jason Taylor Harris

    Bins have been removed before for cost cutting purposes so if that’s the case it’s nothing new wish they would empty the ones that are left where I live, 4 days now filled to the brim it seems the crew has a new route.

    Talking of rubbish has anyone else noticed that when you report Fly Tipping instead of the usual how easy was this form to find & a ref number after clicking the submit link,it now goes straight back to the start of the form & no confirmation email either so you have no idea if it has been reported.

    1. mike mcfadden


      I have been to see Bob Blackman MP and one of my concerns was having to report on line or wait 39 minutes on the phone only to find what you’ve reported discarded by the back office. “whatever that means” !

      Most of the time the Web-Site doesn’t work. But those running Harrow for the benefit of the few paid for by the many tax-payers constantly tell a different story!
      Yet allegedly, Harrow gave away £400k of our money while the area is falling apart under the poor and shoddy control of the administration and its executives.

      Most worrying, it seems, Harrow council are openly encouraging beds in shed with all that entails. Filth, rubbish, over crowding, disease, transients that disrespect family values. It’s as if they hate us for being hard working home owners.

      Its about time Mr Blackman asked government inspectors to look into the affairs of Harrow council and show some respect for its Tax-Payers not the free-loaders it seems to encourage.

      As Red-Mirror pointed out it was alleged 40 road cleaners lost their jobs but as I understand it, the head honcho put in for a £20k pay rise.

      You couldn’t make it up folks.

      So what is going on inside Harrow? We live in hope sanity returns in the not too distant future.

      However, in the words of (JFK) Nothing happens by itself. You must make it happen!!!

  5. springett01

    Why doesn’t this surprise e. They left Pinner without waste bins for a month when they last replaced then

    1. mike mcfadden

      Spingetto 1,
      This doesn’t surprise me. An old Irish mate of mine once told me he’d seen this before, area’s brought to its knee’s then the White-Van man moves in the houses get bought easily. I remember laughing at that conspiracy theory at the time. However, it doesn’t look like a laughing matter anymore!

      Keep asking questions of this Harrow council. The truth will out eventually, Remember silence is consent. Innit mate.

  6. Hectors House (@NegligentRail)

    Just spoke to 1 of the clean team it seems that there are designations for the bins now ,the ones in Headstone Lane are designated minor bins & the one outside the parade of shops in Headstone Lane is an outskirt bin so they will not be emptied weekends.

    This is heading to another Rat headline in the local papers,1 bin classed as minor is by a bus stop next to side exit for the station & the only bin between Hatch End School & the pizza/sweetshop/chinese in a straight line & on top of this they don’t empty them everyday anyway.

    A refuse sack is already put out by residents as an extra place for rubbish & last week I had to empty 1 bin myself & put a new sack in it,if the bins are full then litter goes on the street meaning it then needs to be cleaned up which means more time used in a less productive way.

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