Mar 24 2014

Where’s the Council Tax Bills, Harrow?

Council Tax bill 2013/2014 for property dwelling band F with 25% discount for sole adult residentFollowing a comment on another thread, concerning Council tax bills online – or rather, the lack of them – we took a look into it, and yes, it would seem that commentator is right: you can see a statement, and a list of dates, but not an actual bill.

We’ve got a call in with the Council’s PR Supremo to see what’s going on – with only a matter of days to go before the Council tax become due (April 1st), and a complete absence of any bill, maybe residents should be asking the Council what’s going on? We tried, but gave up after around 30 minutes of hold music, so it’s possible that quite a few people are affected. Got the stamina? Call 020 8863 5611 and say “Council Tax” very clearly.

More to come on this one.,

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  1. Keith

    Got ours last week

  2. Linda Robinson

    Ten or twelve instalments Keith? I’m trying to get to the bottom of why some people remain on ten instalments while others, like me, have been arbitrarily switched to twelve instalments without being asked or even informed about the change.

    1. Keith

      Ours is 10 installments

  3. Judy

    I should get paper bills. I have received nothing, and have no idea how much they will be direct debiting my account next week.

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