Feb 20 2013

Where’s Willy? – A follow-up from Harrow’s Labour group

labour_roseWe published an article, submitted by a West Harrow resident who asked to remain anonymous, asking Where’s Willy? – an article that said that Cllr William Stoodley hadn’t been seen on doorsteps in the run-up to the West Harrow by election.

We asked Harrow’s Labour group if they would like to comment on the article, and they have provided the following, which we have published in full:

The recent article on Cllr Stoodley seems to imply that there is only one way to serve residents. Whilst there is merit in pounding the streets and speaking to residents on the door step, serving residents involves a little more than high visibility . There is great value in serving residents quietly, behind the scenes, far from the accolades that come from being seen. The anonymous writer seems to think that because personally he or she has not seen Cllr Stoodley at work, it means he is not doing his bit for the people who elected him.

Labour is pleased that as a Party we welcome both Equality of Opportunity and Equality of Outcome. We enable residents to serve in whatever way they are able and do not needlessly prescribe a one size fits all type of service. Labour believes that two of the most important skills that a councillor can have are the ability to listen to others and the ability to ask common sense and challenging questions. As elected representatives, it is also important that Labour councillors, as a team, bring a broadly representative set of experiences and skills to their role. Local communities are diverse in their life experience, priorities and needs, and Labour councillors should reflect this diversity in the skills and experience that they bring to the council.

Harrow Labour Group is pleased that Cllr Stoodley brings an interesting set of skills to the role and is a valued member of the Labour Group. Cllr Stoodley has several years work experience from his time of employment at the Land Registry , he has studied Law and puts his skills and experience to the service of his ward as well as the borough.


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