Feb 19 2013

Where’s Willy? West Harrow Residents Concerned

West Harrow residents are becoming concerned about the absence of Labour Cllr William Stoodley from their doorsteps. With a by-election coming up on Thursday, they’re wondering where he’s got to – so much so, that they’ve sent us this: Where’s Willy?


They say, “We have seen our great leader… we have seen Bill Phillips, we have seen Jerry Miles, we have seen Keerema Marikar but where is our other Labour councillor William Stoodley?”

Source: Anonymous

Update: Cllr Stoodley was last seen in November 2012 at a Council meeting, bringing his attendance record up to 57%.

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  1. Jeremy Zeid HARROW UKIP

    I even saw The MP with One Tie out the other day. As for Willy, perhaps he is being kept out of the way and has been packed off to Thailand to buy Gareth a Tie (Groannnnnnn!!)

    1. He must have had the call from Great Leader to get out on the streets – five hours after we published the story – and asked Cllr Nana Asante, Secretary of Harrow Labour Group where Willy had got to – the Labour group send us a link to a Twitter photo of Cllr Stoodley taken “this morning”.

      Yeah, right.

  2. Bil Stoodley on Facebook

    @jeremy-ive been telling gareth about that bloody tie4years! & btw ive never been 2 thailand…

  3. Bil Stoodley on Facebook

    @the owner of this site-why cant 1 see what 1s writing after line 1?its a good job politicians (regardless of affiliation) dont run the council as shoddily as this sites been set up-we’d be worrking blind!!

  4. Bil Stoodley on Facebook

    @the iharrow authoe who wrote “yeah right” glad u concede…

  5. Bil Stoodley on Facebook

    who are the residents concerned about me? i would like to thank them for their concern-its very nice of residents to be concerned about their councillors.

  6. iharrow.com on Facebook

    Willy – Facebook (where you commented) has over 1 billion users who’ve figured out the “one-line” comment box. I don’t want to point fingers, but maybe – just maybe – it’s you, not Facebook?

  7. on Facebook

    wat on earth r u on about?!

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