Jun 15 2013

Whitchurch Fields Enquiry – End of Part I

whitchurch_fieldsAll the evidence in the Whitchurch Fields Public Enquiry has now been heard, and the summations will be heard on July 3, 2013 and a site visit will take place the same day, along with visits to a number of houses from those likely to be badly impacted by the place.

Our source at the enquiry says:

The Council’s case started with Michael Cassel from St Joseph’s Youth FC. I feel very angry when good people are being made to do and say things that under any other circumstance they would not do. I know Mr and Mrs Cassel give up a lot of their time voluntarily for the club. But there can be no doubt that there was a similar incentive to the swimming pool that is being dangled in front of Anne Winstrom’s nose. You would only hope that a Headteacher would have a bit more common sense! Or at least look up on the internet what a Town/Village green is, instead of taking the Council’s word for it. The letters that have been written implying very strongly that a successful TVG application would mean that no one could use the land are bothering me a great deal and I will put some careful thought in to how best to deal with them.

I certainly think that the evidence supplied by Steve Dimmock and David Corby was weak. Steve Dimmock got himself tied up in knots on cross examination. Even when the Inspector tried to help him explain himself, he ended up changing his story for a third time. David Corby added to that by stating that “I don’t know what Steve’s talking about in his statement”. His claim that at locking up time they blow a whistle is ridiculous. Who as ever heard a whistle? Chris asked him what was the point of locking the entrance to the Fields at Whitchurch Car Park and at the gate near the Church, when you know that the gate further up Abercorn Road is open and the entrance from Cranmer Close is open and residents can access the Field through the gates in their back gardens? David Corby insisted he didn’t understand the question. 

Andrew Connell, council officer, now seems to have morphed into Andrew Trehern, despite being very involved in all the evidence, he was not actually a witness. I don’t know why as he is quite senior and should have given evidence. My gut instinct is that he did not want to be faced with cross examination when we would have asked him if he sent in The Consortium to Whitchurch and Stanburn school to offer them “incentives” to object and to tell them that a Town/Village Green application would mean, if successful, that they could never go on the land again. I am disgusted that Anne Winstrom is so stupid to believe all that rubbish. She should have at least looked up what TVG registration means, additionally, a ruling in 1961 states unequivocally that there can never be a swimming pool on Whitchurch Playing Fields. Shame on her.

We’ll report more once the summations have been published.

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