Nov 23 2012

Whitchurch Fields – What Consultation?

At Harrow’s Cabinet Meeting – which we wrote about here – there was much talk about the absence of Whitchurch Consortium’s consultation with local residents, despite the Leader of the Council being quite happy with everything.

We’d like to remind the Leader that back in April 2012, when he was just Portfolio Holder for Property and Major Contracts, he said in response to a Councillor’s question:

The overwhelming views presented by those residents who spoke at the meeting were either critical of the proposals and/or concerned about the possible adverse impacts on the amenity of the local area.

I was not impressed with the Whitchurch Consortium’s presentation and, in fairness, the Consortium’s representatives have told me that they did not manage the consultation event in an effective or appropriate way.

He went on to say:

I do accept that some residents got the invitation a little bit late…

On the presentation itself, he said:

They are not used to facing angry residents. That is inexperience on their part.

But next, he replied, in response to another question:

So answering your specific question, yes I think the level of public consultation, at this stage, of a potential future project is more than good enough.

So, we’d have to ask: if the Leader of the Council is ‘not impressed’ with the Consortium’s presentation, why does he think it’s ‘more than good enough’ for the residents of Harrow?

Source: Cabinet Minutes, April 2012



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