Sep 24 2013

Whitchurch First School ‘Kept in the Dark’ Over Playing Field

Whitchurch First School had published something entirely unexpected in their September 2013 Newsletter this week – a seething allegation that council officers ‘kept them in the dark’ over ownership of the fields. They continue ‘Had we known they belonged to our schools we would have vociferously opposed any selling of the fields for commercial gain. The fields are for the children!’

This is an about turn by the head teacher, who was previously on record as saying about the swimming pool and states that she doesn’t know what a Town/Village Green status means, but she objects to it anyway, was that “it was a compilation of various letters she had written over the years!”

Interesting. Have council officers been less than open with the school? Looks like the school certainly think they have!


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  1. 4Democracy

    The plot thickens…..can it get any worse? I expect so. Total disgrace!

  2. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    Stay tuned 😉

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