Jun 18 2012

Whitchurch Playing Fields – Opposing Views

Here at iharrow.com, we’ve got a lot of mail concerning the proposals for the Whitchurch Playing Field, and Harrow Council will be considering the proposals at it’s June Cabinet Meeting on June 20, 2012. Rather than place a stake in the ground, and come out in support of, or against, the proposals, we’ve decided to simply publish two opposing views.

The second is a copy of an email from a local resident, who we’ll call IR, which we’ve reproduced verbatim:

Dear Sirs

I have just received a sheet through my door advising me that a Harrow Cabinet meeting will take place on June 20th and at this meeting a final decision will be made on the subject detailed above.

I am writing to add my concerns and weight to the argument against the council proposing to recommend that theWhitchurch consortium be commissioned to develop these fields.

I do not think there is any need to go into the detail of why this should not be allowed – it has been discussed numerous times at meetings and via other means of communication. Even the portfolio holder who is a council/cabinet member was not impressed with what is on offer and how it has all be managed so far let alone all the residents who have turned out and communicated in force against these proposals.

I do not intend to waffle on anymore other than to say that the residents of the area are wholeheartedly against this development and i think it about time that the council took on board and acted on what its constituents have overwhelmingly communicated. You are supposedly here to act for us and in our best interested and if we have told you we do not want it then that should be the decision.



More information is available from http://www.whitchurchfields.com/.


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