Feb 28 2013

Will Says: Does Bob Blackman Support Harrow’s “Fairer Grant” Campaign?

cllr_will_stoodleyI was surprised to hear that the MP for Harrow East, Bob Blackman, feels that the proposed 2% Council Tax increase decision is “disgraceful”. As the current Labour Group administration has had to reluctantly make this painful decision as a result of the current Coalition Government’s refusal to increase Harrow’s grant, then Bob Blackman’s remarks appear to be a criticism of his own Tory government! Hence why I’m surprised…although I certainly agree that the Coalition’s decision not to increase Harrow’s grant is indeed “disgraceful”.

So why isn’t Bob Blackman lobbying his own government for a fairer grant? And why is there no comment on lobbying for a fairer grant from the Harrow Conservative Group? One has never known Cllr Susan Hall to be so quiet…

As things stand Harrow Council receives just £1,608 per person, while neighbouring Brent where Bob Blackman was a Councillor gets more than twice as much at £3,317 for each person. This would give Harrow an extra £420million per year, an absolutely phenomenal sum of money that would certainly negate the need for any Council Tax rise.

I note that, as usual for a Tory, Bob Blackman neglects to say what council services he would cut in order to keep Council Tax at its current level, but a speculative guess would be cuts in Adult Social Services going by what Councillor Barry Macleod-Cullinane told me which is that downgrading Adult Services to “Critical Care” only was a wonderful idea as it results in care only going to those who really need it. Now that is what I would call “disgraceful” – if we don’t look after our elderly and our vulnerable in our society then what sort of society are we?

Perhaps the MP for Harrow East should concentrate a little less on girlfriends and a little more on lobbying his own government to give Harrow the grant that its good citizens deserve?

Cllr William Stoodley
Councillor for West Harrow Ward
Assistant Portfolio Holder for Finance
Chair, Harrow Labour Group

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  1. Melanie

    Councillor Stoodley is correct in stating that our MP is shocked at the rise in Harrow Council Tax. How is it possible that ALL the Labour Councillors are inept? Add that to Senior Managers in the Council’s employ being on six figure salaries with gold plated pensions and I can do the Maths- it’s Labour who can’t. If Councillor Stoodley ever turned up to a council meeting, (maybe he is kindly keeping curfewed convicted criminal Councillor Gawn company!) then he would know that Councillor Hall has spoken widely and articulately about the very issue he raises. As for stating the Deputy Leader is busy with ‘girlfriends’, sounds like the inane ramblings of a lonely old man. Councillor Macleod-Cullinane, apart from working extremely hard for his Ward residents, has a full time JOB. Perhaps the Labour Councillors
    could try out one of these job thingys. Got to be a better way to get cash than defrauding residents out of it.

  2. Morepowertothepeople

    Well what do you know another Labour Cllr sinking to the depths of childish mud slinging! I suggest you start attending more Council meetings so you really know what is going on, and work harder for the allowance that you receive. If it is true that some Cllrs do not have jobs then they should not be Cllrs to start with? Does anyone know which Cllrs do not currently have a job, and are they actively looking for one?

  3. anoynmous harrow residant

    this would seem to be the same cllr stoodly who reportedly spends most of his time abroda, only coming back home to harrow for council meetings and to pick up his councillor allowance. you only have to look at his attendance on harrow council website to see that he is missing a lot of time http://www2.harrow.gov.uk/mgAttendance.aspx?UID=10338 – i wonder if he only claims 57 % of his councillor allowance to go along with his 57 % attendance???

    other stoodly items of interest which havent been reported widley are –


  4. Stephen Greek

    Will, this is all very interesting. But where were you last night when we were voting on the Council’s budget and the Fair Deal motion? Don’t you think, as a Cabinet Assistant for Finance, that you should have been there? Bob Blackman is not a Harrow Councillor, you are!

  5. Will Stoodley

    Nice comments but all miss the point of my letter – why isn´t Bob Blackman campaigning for a fairer grant for Harrow? & @ Melanie – learn to read! I never said Barry was busy with girlfriends, which makes one wonder was that a freudian slip of yours…???

  6. Morepowertothepeople

    Will Stoodley, I will refrain from calling you a Cllr as I do not believe you deserve to be one with your low attendance record. Did know one ever tell you sarcasm is the lowest form of wit? If the hierarchy at Harrow Council did their jobs properly, stopped submitting wrong figures to the Govt, and stopped wasting our money, Harrow would be in a better position financially. You all get paid to ensure we should have the right amount of money coming in, if we do not then you are obviously not working hard enough on behalf of the residents!

  7. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    The residents of the ward I represent voted OVERWHELMINGLY Labour in the recent by-election – Labour polled a STAGGERINGLY MASSIVE 48% of the vote. The electorate judge what we do, not commentators on iHarrow, and with an endorsement like that to our policies it seems Labour ARE working hard enough on behalf of the residents of Harrow. So if you don’t mind Morepowertothepeople I’ll let the power of the people in Harrow steer the way with their whalloping 48% endorsement of what we’re doing for them, raher than a pipsqueek with a silly name who has nothing better to do than leave anonymous derogatory comments on iHarrow.

  8. Morepowertothepeople

    Oh dear capital letters I seem to have rattled your cage somewhat. My comments are not in the least derogatory, all I ever do is seek to tell the truth based on facts and articles I read, and give my opinion as I see it……..called freedom of speech in case you were wondering. Anyone who has any idea about the political landscape would know that West Harrow was going to go to Labour anyway, this was no great surprise. However with less than half the electorate voting in West Harrow, it was hardly in your words ‘staggeringly massive / overwhelming. Face up to reality, Labour in Harrow recently have been getting a bit of a bashing in the press, mostly for wasting too much money, increasing council tax, and Cllrs who are either criminals, fall asleep at meetings or don’t bother to attend! What I would refrain from in future is silly name calling and accusations, after all is this how a Cllr should conduct themselves….I think not!

  9. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    1: Capital letters are for emphasis as Paul has no italics facility on his site.
    2: You know nothing of local politics voting stats – one is lucky to get 40% turnout for local elections and lucky to get 20% turnout for local by-elections. The West Harrow turnout was almost 30%, almost half of whom voted Labour. In 3 party politics that is a STAGGERING victory.
    3: Nothing rattles my cage – I am an ex-public school boy and we are taught not to rise to juvenile pipsqueak baiting.
    4: Until you drop your coward’s cloak of anonymity your views are meaningless-it has nothing to with freedom of speech. Speech is not free if it comes from an anonymous source.
    5: I owe you no duty of respect WHATSOEVER as a Councillor whilst you remain anonymous.
    6: YOU are the one who needs to face up to reality in the wake of our astounding by-election victory-the reality that the good citizens of Harrow have just demonstrated, AT THE BALLOT BOX NO LESS, that they endorse our administration’s work and that they don’t rate Tories.
    7: Next time you’re down the shops…if they have any left GET A LIFE!

  10. Morepowertothepeople

    Wow I am supposed to be impressed that you are an ex public schoolboy? Just by your response you have indeed risen to the bait and then some! You have declined to answer any questions put to you above from others. I do have a life where as I believe Melanie above may have a valid point about you….a sad lonely old man who also appears to be a dictator!

  11. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    The post is about Bob Blackman not about me-why don’t you write something about the post?! And what you think I am is none of my business!
    David Cameron, Nick Clegg, George Osborne, Nick Soames et al, and myself, all ex-public school boys – go figure…
    The by-election result speaks much louder for the Harrow Labour group than I ever could and that suffices. Quad erat demonstratum – palma non sine pulvere.

  12. Morepowertothepeople

    Victory not without toil! I think you will have to toil harder to get victory for yourself Cllr Woodley. As for Bob Blackman he is right, an absolute disgrace increasing Council Tax. So many people are struggling to keep their heads above water right now, and Labour go and heap on more misery!

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