Dec 13 2012

Yet ANOTHER Problem with IT at Harrow Council

Looks like Harrow Council has suffered yet another IT problem today, with its on-line ‘why was my bin missed’ page. This is the page on their website that long-suffering residents can use to query why their bin hasn’t been collected – you simply type in your address, specify what bin was missed, and then by the magic of computers, you’d hope that the web site would tell you (not out for collection, wrong sort of rubbish, more than an eighth of an inch up your driveway – that sort of thing).

Today, if you were to have typed in your details, pressed the magic button, and waited, you’d have simply been told that ‘An error has occurred’ (you can see it circled in red in the picture below) – and this is from the Council that wants to move more of it’s services on-line and away  from the Council Tax paying public:


Perhaps this is one way the Council will be fixing the massive hole in its finances – avoiding having to go back and pick up missed bins. You can always call 0208 901 2600 and speak to a human if this affects you.

We would have asked the Council’s PR team if they had any comments, but they have other queries outstanding from us that they’ve not replied to yet, so we didn’t like to bother them any further.


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