Jan 08 2014

Better Harrow Brainstorm

voluntary_action_harrowVoluntary Action Harrow gave an open invitation to local people and community activists to a ‘how can we make Harrow better’ brainstorm on Tuesday 7th January 2014 at Esquires Coffee Shop in St Georges Centre, Harrow. The brainstorming event was organised to find out what the community thought it could do to make Harrow a better place. Representatives from local charities including the Harrow Lions Club, Harrow Carers, Harrow Community Radio and members of the public came out to share views and come up with ideas.

Alex Buckmire, Marketing and Research Co-ordinator at Voluntary Action Harrow, organised the brainstorm and said “it is Voluntary Action Harrow (VAH)’s goal to see a more unified Harrow. Getting people together for this brainstorm was one way we thought we could do this. Talking to people around the table I was amazed at just how many of them volunteered for not just one but 3 or 4 other community groups. I know from my experience in Harrow there is lots of great work being done by people in their spare time to help others and for a better community. Often it is hidden. Many local not for profit groups are working really hard and don’t have time or know how to write press releases, update a facebook / twitter page or organise an event to tell people about the things they are achieving and how they are making Harrow better.”

Alex and the team at Voluntary Action Harrow (VAH) are interested in hearing from people who have ideas to make Harrow better or who want to help but don’t know how they might be able to. VAH is planning other brainstorming events over the next few months and if people are interested in finding out when and where these are they can visit www.voluntaryactionharrow.org.uk follow @volactionharrow on twitter and like the Voluntary Action Harrow facebook page.




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