Oct 17 2012

Chorleywood LitFest: Patrick Hennessey – November 17, 2012

Saturday 17th November – 12.30

Patrick Hennessey at the Chorleywood Literary Festival

The stunning follow up to the Top Ten Bestseller and TV Book Club pick, the Junior Officers’ Reading Club.

When he returned home from Afghanistan, serving with the Grenadier Guards, Patrick left behind him friendships forged in the heat of the moment between living and dying, not least with some who had been fighting for their homeland. Kandak is the story of how those bonds were formed. From the comically bad first meetings, the mutual suspicion, incomprehension and cultural divides to the moments under fire when all such divides turn into brotherhood. Kandak explores the reasons men pick up the sword, and how in the intensity of battle unlikely alliances can be formed. It also looks at what happens once those ties are cut and you return home.  After his talk and answering questions from the audience Patrick will be signing his book.

Sunday Times “Soldiers who can write are as rare as writers who can strip down a machine-gun in forty seconds, but Patrick Hennessey is one of the few”

Chorleywood Memorial Hall, Common Road, Chorleywood, WD3 5NL

TICKETS are on sale now from www.cwlitfest.org or by phone from 01923 283566

Before 1 Nov £4 After 1 Nov £5

If you wish to buy his book, your ticket price will be redeemable against the cost of his book.

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