Oct 18 2012

Chorleywood LitFest: Professor Jerry Brotton – November 18, 2012

Sunday 18th November – 12.30

Professor Jerry Brotton at the Chorleywood Literary Festival

Jerry Brotton is the presenter of the acclaimed BBC4 series ‘Maps: Power, Plunder and Possession’. Throughout history maps have been fundamental in shaping our view of the world and our place in it. But, Jerry argues, world maps are unavoidably ideological and subjective. Mapmakers do not simply represent the world, they construct their maps from and reflect the ideas of their age.

In this scintillating book, he examines the significance of 12 maps, vividly recreating the time and place in which each was made, showing what each demonstrates about the views of that time and place – whether the Jerusalem-centred Christian perspective of the 14th century Hereford Mappa Mundi or the Peters projection of the 1970s which aimed to give due weight to the ‘third world’.

He also believes that maps today are no more definitive or objective than they have ever been, but that they continue to make arguments and propositions about the world, and to recreate, shape and mediate our view of it. After hearing him speak, you may never look at a map in quite the same way again! Following his talk and answering questions from the audience Jerry will be signing his book.

 Chorleywood Memorial Hall, Common Road, Chorleywood, WD3 5NL

TICKETS are on sale now from www.cwlitfest.org or by phone from 01923 283566

Before 1 Nov £4 After 1 Nov £5

If you wish to buy his book, your ticket price will be redeemable against the cost of his book.

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