Mar 21 2014

Confidence for Life – March 25, 2014

The Friends of “Confidence for Life” are holding an event in Committee Rooms One and Two at the Civic Centre on Tuesday 25th March 2014, starting at 5:30pm

The event will be opened by Honorary Alderman Keith Toms, representing Mayor Cllr Nana Asante.

The event is to promote and celebrate “Confidence for Life”, a course designed and shown to help those suffering from severe mental illnesses to rebuild confidence and engage with wider society.

Appearing at the event will be The Harrow Community Choir, an award winning offshoot of the course, supported by the charity Rethink Mental illness and this year, one of Mayor Cllr Nana Asante’s chosen special charities.

bring_confidence_to_lifeThe event is aimed at local councillors and mental health professionals.

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