Nov 17 2012

Free Washable Nappy Workshop in Harrow – November 21, 2012

Local Nappy Guru, Helen Lea, will be running a free “Nappy Natters” washable nappy information workshop on Wednesday 21st November at 11am at St. Joseph’s Children’s Centre, Dobbin Close (Entrance in Kenton Lane), HA3 7LP.

It is estimated that you could change between 4,000 and 6,000 nappies before your child is potty trained. Information provided by West London Waste shows that when you look at the number of nappies in terms of money, at around 19p per disposable, that’s between £760 and £1,140 on nappies alone – and that’s before you’ve bought wipes and disposal bags. Using washable nappies is also the good thing to do for the environment.

So instead of reaching for a disposable nappy you could consider washable ones. Washable nappies today are cute and stylish and no longer a big piece of white cloth held up with safety pins. Modern washable nappies are brightly coloured, funky and convenient; they use velcro to hold them up and are elasticated, just like disposable nappies.

All parents and grandparents are welcome to attend the event to learn about using washable nappies. The workshop will explain how to use and wash them.

Mums that attend will be offered a free* trial pack worth £50 (The nappy pack includes – 3 Smartipants OS Nappies, 3 Bamboo Boosters, 1 Wet Bag, 100 Liners, 1 Nappy Guide).

For more information about washable nappies contact the Harrow Nappy Guru here: harrownappyguru@gmail.com.

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