May 17 2012

Grim’s Dyke Hotel May Garden Party – May 20, 2012

Grim’s Dyke Hotel are holding their May Garden Party on Sunday May 20, 2012 from 12.00pm until 4.00pm.

The event is the successor to the hotel’s annual Open Days which were a bit of a ‘fixture’ in the local social calendar and last year attracted over 3000 visitors.

A fun-packed day at the Garden Party is guaranteed for people of all ages and will include guided tours of the house and grounds, home made buffet style cream teas, children’s entertainment, a jazz trio, wine tasting, raffle and charity stalls.

The day will also be an opportunity for visitors to see the recently-restored Victorian orchard in the grounds and the boating lake where Sir William Gilbert, the Grim’s Dyke’s illustrious former owner, met his untimely death.

The rhododendrons, introduced in the late 1850s, burst into life in spring, presided over by the majestic Giant Redwoods and Monkey Puzzle tree. Bluebells carpet the woods and flank the gently winding paths. Indeed, lost paths are still being unearthed as a result of our ongoing restoration of this fertile 49 acres. In 2001 our head gardener discovered a labyrinth of cobbled pathways linking the lake and the dyke to the home farm and a hitherto secret monkey house built for Gilbert’s pet monkeys. Walk past Lady Gilbert’s treasure sunken rose garden, where over 12 historical varieties of rose bloom, over the moat where the ducks swim quietly, and you’ll find Gilbert’s orchard, home to many different fruit trees including a Ribbstin Pippin apple invented in 1707.

Plunge further into the woods and remains of the famous boating lake can be found, complete with central island and fringed with imposing yellow flags and azaleas that tumble gently to the water’s edge. Lady Gilbert had the lake drained after Sir Williams’s death. Closer to Grim’s Dyke you’ll find the kitchen gardens, beehives and Victorian greenhouses that supply fruit, vegetables and honey to our own restaurant. There’s even a croquet lawn where tea can be taken during the hot summer months.

Admission to the Garden Party is £10 for adults with children under ten being allowed in free with an additional £5 for anyone wishing to participate in the wine tasting.

There will be limited parking only at the hotel which is being reserved for disabled badge holders but additional parking at Harrow View Point opposite the hotel entrance.

For tickets please call 020 8385 3100. You can also visit their website, here.

Grim’s Dyke Hotel
Old Redding
Harrow Weald HA3 6SH


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