Oct 25 2011

Harrow College to perform at Shakespeare Schools Festival

Keep your diary free on 31st October as Harrow College students are performing A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Beck Theatre, Hillingdon at 7pm.

As a part of the Shakespeare Schools Festival, Harrow College Performing Arts students are all set to enthral the audience with a comedy play-within-a-play. The Shakespeare Schools Festival is the UK’s largest youth drama festival, with over 600 schools performing in theatres all around the UK.

Amy Lovell plays Hermia in the play and she is buzzing about performing on a big stage. “I was really nervous before but now I am really excited! I perform outside the College as well but I was not that confident. The College kept pushing me and I don’t think I would be here without my teachers’ support!

Like Amy, Renee Ferreira is also very excited about the performance: “I’ve never done anything major like this with an audience of 600 people so I’m really excited. I took it as a challenge to understand the script and make it funny. Teachers were there to support us and help us with the scenes and improvisation so now I am confident!”

For Nicolas Toth, acting is what he wants to pursue his career on and enjoys it so much that he’s hardly missed a class. He admits that playing Oberone is not an easy task: “It wasn’t an easy thing to do but now as we are practising it, I think it’s really great! I’m looking forward to performing it. I love it here! I commute all the way from Hemel Hempstead and I hardly lost a day last year. I enjoy it that much. All the teachers are great. Marilyn is like a professional director and I don’t feel nervous as the teachers give me a lot of confidence.”

Performing a Shakespeare play is hard enough but it’s more so if you have to be a completely different gender, says Keilah Ashbourne who plays Demetrius: “It’s more challenging to do a boy’s part when you are a girl. It’s not easy to display male emotions when you haven’t got male testosterone but I really like performing on stage. Just before you step on the stage, you are overcome by anxiety, excitement and nervousness. Every emotion comes out at once. You get an adrenaline rush and I enjoy that.”

Source: Harrow College

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