Aug 25 2011

Harrow Fuchsia Society’s Summer Show – 25th August

We’ve just heard that Harrow Fuchsia Society are holding their Summer Show this evening, August 25th, from 8.00pm at St Andrew’s Church Hall in Malvern Avenue. Entry is free.

Fuchsias come in a huge kaleidoscope of colours and different forms to suit almost any situation. Grow them in baskets, as hedges, specimen plant, massed in a border or at the height of their elegance as a standard plant. Theyoriginate from South America, growing wild there and in New Zealand. They were first imported into Britain around 1789. During the late 1800s, hybridising of Fuchsias reached its height, when the plants were highly valued by the Victorians. The picture on the right is of ‘Thalia’ dating back to about 1855. Their popularity after Victorian times declined only to begin another revival from the 1950s until the present time.

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