Mar 23 2016

Harrow Safer Neighbourhood Board Meeting – April 5, 2016

police_lanternHarrow Safer Neighbourhood Board (HSNB) warmly welcome you to attend their forthcoming meeting on APRIL 5 in the MEMBERS’ LOUNGE, Harrow Civic Centre, from 7 to 9pm.Borough Commander, Chief Superintendent, Simon Ovens, will give latest updates on policing issues concerning London and in particular Harrow. This will naturally be of interest to our citizens – local residents, business and workers alike. The meeting will focus on POLICING matters.

It is essential we empower as many of our citizens as possible about the changing policing landscape and how this will affect us. We can learn how to help our excellent police officers to help prevent and detect crime which will in turn benefit us. They are facing huge challenges.

Let us do our bit by getting behind them and helping retain our status as the safest London Borough. Look forward to seeing many of you on April 5.

“Wish you all a Very HAPPY HOLI and HAPPY EASTER.”

– Sonoo Malkani, Interim Vice Chair

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  1. Sonoo Malkani

    Thanks to Paul Boakes for this timely announcement.Please also remember to be vigilant,now we have seen extensive coverage of the Brussels terror attacks.Remember intelligence provided by you can make all the difference.Anything you suspect in this context please call the ANTI TERRORIST HOTLINE 0800 789 321 free of charge.You must always call 999 for any emergency.

    See you on April 5 .The Borough Commander will undoubtedly have pertinent information regarding all aspects of policing affecting our day to day lives.Look forward to an interesting and empowering evening.

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