Jan 22 2015

Harrow Safer Neighbourhood Board Public Meeting – January 26, 2015

police_jacketThe Harrow Safer Neighbourhood Board have a public meeting planned for January 26, 2015 from 6.30pm at the Civic Centre. It is believed, although not confirmed, that this is a meeting where the public will be permitted to ask questions – previous meeting have been held in public, but those present were allowed in only as observers, not as participants.

Details, minutes and reports of previous meetings can be found on their website, here.


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  1. Jack_welby

    See all hear all not so at monday nights meeting. Speakers could not be heard.
    Questions could not be asked or answered by the Chairman as well as an.instruction from MOPAC.This is a stich up.which needs to be dealt with.

  2. Concerned Harrovian


    Why didn’t they use microphones as there must be many people attending meetings that have a hearing problem. Also they could request Harrow Deaf Club to send a signer along so those with hearing problems are not excluded and denied information.

    Is this disability discrimination against members of the public who attended the meeting?

  3. Concerned Harrovian

    Harrow folks with hearing loss pay their taxes/council tax like everyone else and are entitled to hear what goes on in meetings. The hard of hearing should expect CONSIDERATION and not DISCRIMINATION when they take the time and trouble to attend meetings.

    Would Harrow Deaf Club be able to provide some information about what we should expect the council to provide at meetings to make sure that the hard of hearing are not excluded from hearing the proceedings?

  4. sonoo malkani

    Harrow United Deaf Club(HUDC)would definitely be able to give guidance to Harrow Council,how they might have somebody present at their meetings so that this difficulty may be addressed in an appropriate fashion.

    I must admit having attended this meeting for only a short to pay my respects to the deceased Vice Chair,and then rush to the Holocaust Memorial(being held at the same time at another venue)I had difficulty hearing Board members.

    This was exactly as happened at our previous meeting in October.I might be bold enough and suggest some changes to help improve these meetings.

    I have already said we might get hold of someone who can provide sign language—at all Council meetings but definitely to learn how we are progressing with our local SNB and in what way we might be able to enhance performance.

    Microphones are available in Committee rooms 1&2 .It would be a very good idea to book this as a REGULAR VENUE so people FORM THE HABIT and turn up like clock-work.Since we seem to be aiming for a MONDAY EVENING 630pm start time,the public can prepare accordingly.Committee room 5 is far too small to encourage public attendance!

    Personally,from experience I can only say that although we are simply being allowed to OBSERVE PASSIVELY and NOT PARTICIPATE, members of public will always have concerns which they will feel need addressing but are not.The Safer Neighbourhood Boards operate in this manner in the main,although some have made the choice to allow public participation.

    This is something for the present Board to review in due course and fine -tune their meetings accordingly.In the final analysis,the choice lies WITH THE BOARD MEMBERS.

    MOPAC have made it very clear it is up to each individual Board to conduct its affairs to suit their LOCAL needs.It can be TAILOR-MADE to fit in with the needs of HARROVIANS.

    I have some sympathy with the SNB not doing this,since their remit is different to the Community Engagement Groups which have bee phased out.Of course,they might come up with a mechanism which would allow them to do this in a LIMITED and disciplined manner.Early days yet.

    One hopes people will write in or send feed-back but this is simply not happening!The PUBLIC HAS TO BE RE-TRAINED to do things differently,genuinely taking on Board their wishes,within reason.This needs PATIENCE and a ton of good-will on both sides if we want our SNB to evolve into a TRUSTED BODY which the public respects and has confidence in.

    We have been promised an INTERACTIVE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the SAFER NEIGHBOURHOOD BOARD but this has not materialised to date!We had the MOPAC ROADSHOW in December 2014 but that is completely different.The Safer Neighbourhood Board members did not attend or participate since this was not their meeting.

    On Monday 26 January,we appointed a new SNB Vice Chair,TOK ODFINS ,a Street Pastor who is very approachable and au fait with life on our streets.I am sure he would lend his ear to suggestions from you and also feed your views back to the Board.I am sure VICTIM SUPPORT who have an important role to play will be happy to give you information as to how they are doing much more for victims of Crime.LATOYA RIDGE will be happy to fill you in.She is in charge both in Harrow & Brent and is most helpful.

    Harrow SNB Chair,SUBHASH SAMPAT, and other Board members are also available if you wish to contact them at least a WEEK or TEN DAYS before each meeting to express your concerns or ideas.Their details are on the website for the Harrow Safer Neighbourhood Board (saferharrow.co.uk).Next meeting is on APRIL 27th.Please put in your diaries and also inform others so we have a decent turn-out and make headway in Harrow.

    Another option is to contact the Chair of your local SAFER NEIGHBOURHOOD PANEL and send feed-back or concerns via that route.There are many ways to get this process kick-started.You might prefer to contact MIKE HOWES at Harrow Council or email him mike.howes@harrow.gov.uk with your views.At the end of the day the HARROW SNB will only be as good as you help make it.

    Right now,they have some VACANCIES on the Board and wish you to apply..Please visit their website and download an application form.Alternatively ask Mike Howes to mail you the same.Do your bit to make it work and function to your satisfaction.

    I also suggest the Board please PUBLICISE their meetings more actively,not just putting it on their web-site.Community Champions,Safer Neighbourhood Panels,Faith Groups,Voluntary organisations etc need emailing.Once the Board have established networks “clients”will help publicise meetings on their behalf.It’s about using your resources and skills to engage effectively with the local community.

    I passionately believe a WELL INFORMED COMMUNITY will feel confident and satisfied with the service received and will,in turn,bring handsome rewards.

    Once more,please remember,the next Safer Neighbourhood Board meeting is on MONDAY 27th April at the Civic Centre starting at 630pm.Members of public are welcome but must remember they are there to observe.Feed-back can follow in due course.Any concerns must be sent in at least TEN DAYS before the meeting.

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